I have been lazy with the trailers lately but the reason isn’t actually all about my laziness. I am starting to think that the movies coming at the end of this year and at the beginning of the next, aren’t that exciting. There are some that want me to take up time travel so I could see them already but most (and I mean MOST) of the movies leave me with the option of not even watching the trailer. But never the less, I have collected some of them from Apple Trailer page that got me thinking and might even interest you.

Casino Jack: (Out in December the 1st)

The movie itself could be rather good, I’m thinking that the trailer isn’t giving away much and there will be a good script behind it. Plus, it’s Kevin Spacey. I mean, it’s Kevin Spacey! how can you not like Kevin Spacey. I like him.

Due Date: (Out in November the 5th)


I imagine this do be as crazy *ss unrealistic as Hangover was but at the same time it will be amusingly funny also. I’m also excited to see Robert Downey Jr. do comedy and Zack Galifianakis (his last name scares me). Zack actually scares me a little bit because he takes on these uncomfortable roles and makes me want to just.. I don’t know. Some funny is just uncomfortable, hope it isn’t in this movie.

Legacy: (Out in October the 15th)


Legacy seems to be a very serious movie that will probably get some praise but is so what out of the big Hollywood radar that I’m very keen of watching and saying bad things about. Idris Elba plays the lead and I think his performance is the soul of this movie. Before I watch it I’d like to assume that he does a good job with it.

Tron Legacy: (Out in December the 17th)


I like science fiction, I like it because it can do what ever and still make sense because it is science fiction (Avatar and Inception for example). I’m not sure how good Tron Legacy will be, it seems to be more of a computer game based fiction but I’ll wait for it a bit. Not long though, maybe I’ll start waiting in the beginning of December.

My Soul to Take: (Out in October the 8th)


I’m liking the trailer quite a lot, I think that the beginning is very clever editing wise and since I’m not a big fan of thriller/horror movies and watch them very rarely, I’m willing to watch this one. Actually, I might start watching horror movies all together because it seems that every other genre is getting on my nerves. But My Soul to Take looks promising, I’m liking the idea of it (based on the trailer) but it all depends how it ends. I’ll find out soon.

Red: (Out in October the 15th)

Well this is just a treat for my eyes, so many good actors and actresses together and a lot of action (plus some humor I hope). Bruce Willis is back, baby! And he brings with him names like Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich and Mary-Louise Parker (last one reminds me that I should start watching Weeds if I get the time). Let’s just hope that the cast isn’t ruined by the sloppy story line or the embarrassing dialog. Good hopes for this one.

Red Hill: (Out in November the 5th)

All of those who are fans of True Blood might want to see this because Ryan Kwanten is playing the lead in this one. I don’t know how many Australian movies I have seen, I know I’ve seen some TV-shows but I can’t remember any of the movies. Guess I have to make this my first, I think – I’m not very sure though, the only thing that pushes me to see this is Ryan. God, I hope he takes his shirt off.
The Dilemma: (Out in January the 14th)
This can go two ways: either very bad or very good but I’m kind of leaning towards very bad. The trailer doesn’t say much but I’m guessing the trailer actually says it all. It says that a guy has a dilemma about whether to tell his best friend that his wife is cheating on him with Channing Tatum or not. That’s it – that’s the whole point of the movie – doesn’t look that promising but who am I kidding, I’m gonna watch it anyway. I mean, Channing is there, hello?!
The Fighter: (Out in December the 10th)
I like Mark Whalberg and I think he doesn’t take on roles that make him look bad – plus Christian Bale is there. He is one of those actors who some love and some just don’t care about and I don’t really care about Bale but Whalberg is one of my favorites, I mean, he is Marky-Mark – you gotta love Marky-Mark. Also, Amy Adams is there so basically Mark is the only solid reason why I want to see that movie. Plus, I enjoy sports movies about over coming difficulties and then succeeding.
Unstoppable: (Out in November the 12th)
So this is basically Speed with trains. The only difference is that Unstoppable is based on true events and instead of Keanu there is Denzel Washington and instead of Sandra there is Chris Pine. I’m thinking that one of them dies in the end which makes it Armageddon and makes one of them (probably Denzel) Bruce Willis. But who knows, maybe everybody lives and nobody dies and maybe everybody¬† dies and the kids survive and maybe I’m just gonna watch it and not spoil it for myself by thinking “what if” and giving myself a chance to say “told you so!”.

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