On Tuesday my blog celebrated its 8th birthday all by itself because it’s creator had completely forgotten! To make up for my absent celebration, and for being such a lousy blog-owner, I decided to walk down memory lane. More importantly, I decided to share 8 random posts from each year Mettel Ray has existed since 2010. And considering the first few years were rough, there are some pretty funny as well as cringe worthy posts in this little list.

2010, May 6th


It’s funny how 8 years later I still stand by my words in regards to Avatar and The Hurt Locker. Though it is not universally loved, I still like Avatar as a movie and look forward for its multiple sequels now, many years later. Plus, The Hurt Locker remains as one of those movies I only saw once and disliked quite a bit.

What actually surprised me about this review from 8 years ago, is that it’s not that bad. I expected to be cringing at things I wrote, but the reviews are actually informative. Definitely more informative that they are now, considering I rambled on for 3000+ words about Infinity War. That being said, I feel like I could have said so much more about Avatar as a movie.

Supernatural Bonus: 10 Reasons Why I Love Supernatural
2011, February 17th


Well, turns out my writing was not as consistent as I hoped. Here we have a post that I could and should rewrite in the future, by adding comments to the rest of the films. But 7 years later, and 10 years after Ledger’s tragic passing, I still find it difficult to watch his movies. Scratch that, I find it impossible.

But again it warms my heart that I still have the same feelings towards Ledger and his movies. They hold a special place in my heart and I’ve thought about revisiting his movies and watching the ones I’ve missed so many times. Maybe some day in the future I’ll be able to get past this invisible wall built by saddness.

Superhero Bonus: Captain America: The First Avenger
2012, May 24th


Again, it’s surprisingly refreshing to read my thoughts about TV-shows and agree to them so many years later. Granted, I have stopped consuming so many weekly-shows but I do binge a lot on Netflix. There are some really interesting mentions of shows that I smiled at. Like, I can’t believe I watched Grey’s Anatomy for so long, and I can’t believe it’s still on air!

What makes me a little sad, going through my archives is the fact that I used to write so many TV-show posts/reviews. I have missed this. I have missed those posts, especially those investigative posts, where I tracked down all upcoming shows. Not sure if I’ll ever get back to the swing of things with TV-shows, but I sure as hell would like to.

Double Blogtahon Bonus: The Year I Made Contact Blogathon & Movie Alphabet Blogathon
2013, January 30th


I used to write so many Top 10 posts! Frankly, this trip down memory lane makes me feel like a lazy blogger because damn, I used to put out a lot of content. Now it’s all Commercial Breaks and Thursday Movie Picks. Anyway, I knew this guilty feeling would get to me at some point. Turns out it’s a Top 10 Moments on Friends that finally did it!

This posts also makes me feel guilty about the fact that I haven’t watched Friends in so many years! It’s on Netflix but I haven’t had the need to watch it. I still consider it one of my all time favourite shows but I don’t think I will rewatch it in the near future. There’s just so many other things I need to watch, and rewatching seems like a commitment I’m not ready to make.

Bonus Beard Post: Love Me Some Beard
2014, November 7th


First of all, how amazing were my image choices for this post!? I mean, I’m impressed by my 2014 year-self, because I’m totally stealing that idea for a future post. And to see what shows I still loved at that time, and to realise that I’ve now broken up with those shows as well, it’s actually interesting.

We have moods as viewers, and I guess my moods have taken me on a very interesting television journey over the years. To see what peaked my interests 4 years ago, and to read my thoughts about shows I eventually gave up on – fascinating. And yet another reason to write more these kinds of posts now as well, so I can look back at them in the future.

Serial Killer Bonus: The Fall of Paul Spector
2015, October 12th


I have had two main rating-systems over the past 8 years, and coffee ratings will turn 3 years old this October. It’s not something I think about that often, but this post also included some other changes I planned to make. I never really got to those changes, but I’ve always thought about expanding my blog to… somewhere new.

Change is scary though. And also sometimes unnecessary. I keep thinking I should express my love for other things here as well, but I have stopped pursuing it. Mettel Ray is a movie blog, an entertainment corner, where I feel the most comfortable. Besides, if I ever get motivated to change things up again, I can always revamp features that Mettel Ray has had over the years.

Coffee Talk Bonus: Dominant Attraction
2016, September 26th


This fun little post caught my eye because I had forgotten about it, yet I still agree with everything said in it. I haven’t changed much from 2016, and I still am as addicted to coffee and as hopeless in romance. Though if I would change this post, I would probably swap out the last pick.

Also, I just realised that I didn’t reply to any of the comments left on that post. Wow, how rude of me!

Retrospect Bonus: Year 2016 Told Through Movies
2017, September 29th


Was it really less than a year ago that I wrote this post? It feels like I haven’t been watching Shameless for years because I really went cold turkey so quickly. I guess I quit long before, but hearing things about it made some strong feelings surface. Part of me doesn’t even remember writing this, which means I probably wrote all my feelings out and stopped thinking about Shameless completely. Quite a refreshing way to deal with ones emotions.

Little List Bonus: Midyear Movie Madness

Scrolling through Mettel Ray blog archive I realised this blog has become very one note. Compared to some of the previous years, I have really settled into a comfort zone. There have been only three types of posts that dominate my archive, especially in 2017, which makes me wonder. Have I become boring, or have I run out of ideas?

Either way, this experience of looking through my blog’s archive has sparked some new motivation into me. I scribbled down some post titles, remembered a long forgotten feature I feel inspired to bring back and highlighted a plan to post more TV-show related content. So maybe this trip down memory lane was actually more important that I anticipated. And definitely more fun than cringe worthy!

But most importantly, happy belated birthday to Mettel Ray! 




    • I feel the same way, it’s interesting to see your own progress though! 😀
      And thank you so much!

  • Happy Blogaversery!! I can’t believe it’s been eight years, and hope there’s many more years in the future of your awesome reviews and experiences too. I don’t think your blog has become too one-note, but I know that feeling; I have so many posts to write but I barely to get one out every week. I never entirely feel like my blog is as good as it could be. lol It was so much fun to walk down memory lane! I still have a tough time watching Heath Ledger movies too, struggling to not think of how much potential there was left and the talent he left behind for us to enjoy. Omg, that beard post is perfection! I recently thought about doing a best beards of thread on twitter or a post. lol Cap would definitely be number one no matter what. 😀

    • Thank you! It does seem like so so many years and yet, it has gone by so fast!

      Thank you for the kind words, it means a lot! The beard list needs updating, I feel like there are so many beards and even moustaches that need to be added to that list! 😀

  • Congrats on 8 years!! Usually I’m the one that forgets my blogiversary 😂 You know I love you and your blog Getter, you’re one of my favourite people here! I think your content is still awesome but I totally understand. Sometimes I go through my old posts and it’s like “wow, I really took great care with how I wrote things” and actually did some big posts that clearly took a great deal of research.

    So, I emphasise. But that’s why this is a great idea, glad you got inspired by your old posts!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. But you’re cool no matter what 🤗

  • Ahhh I forgot I had more to say. I actually remember a few posts you linked! But I missed the Supernatural one? Maybe it was before I followed you. I didn’t know you were a big fan too! Or maybe I just forgot, sorry. I actually want to catch up with it since it got renewed, AGAIN. 😂

    Love the pop art images, you’re right, they’re cool!!

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