Before watching this movie I looked up Rogert Ebert’s review on it and he said it was a decent action movie, just like an action movie should be. So it was just natural that I started watching it with a slight knowledge that I’d be entertained by action and by Angelina Jolie.  Was I disappointed? No, but I must say, it could be better.

What I enjoyed was the plot which twisted around a lot during the movie and ended up to be quite shocking in the end. A lot of the movies for me don’t do that anymore because they are built on a solid pretext that is common to many other movies. Not that the pretext wasn’t a part of Salt, surely it was, but it was well hidden and the action was so packed and fast that it was quite hard to think ahead of the movie – which is always good. You don’t want to start thinking about the end before the movie ends!

The thing that annoyed me was the fact that Angelina is some sort of a superwoman or something. She just didn’t seem to get hurt and was like this powerful non human thing running, jumping and killing around. While yes, action movies usually make the lead characters have some sort of a non-human quality to them I still prefer some reality in them. That a side, it was quite cool to see Angelina as a man.

So basically I enjoyed the movie and I’m telling you this, if the script is well written (!) every action movie can be good! I mean, it just didn’t have the action, it had a solid fundation story wise and it had twists and turns – that’s what I’m talking about when it comes to action movies. Even those funny ones could use a good script now and then – I just think that writing is the key to a good movie. And that is a reason Salt gets 4 starts out of 5!


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