CW came out with two new shows this season – one being Hellcats and the other Nikita. I decided to do a post about these two shows a while back but I thought it was better to see where the shows are taking me – by now, 4 episodes have aired and I have a pretty good idea which one wins. I’m gonna do a different kind of a post this time, I’d like to play around with the characters/actresses/actors of those shows and see who comes up first. Let the battle of the new-comers begin.

But first, a little about both shows:

Hellcats – a show that is based on a book (which show/movie isn’t these days?) revolves around collage cheerleaders. There are many story lines not only with the younger characters but also with the coach and her boyfriend and lover and then there’s this whole daughter mother drama. Basically, it is just another teen drama (like The OC, OTH etc) where the storylines start to grow and involve and I bet there are a lot of secrets hidden in the closets.

Nikita – based on a French movie (that has an American remake and a Canadian show) the story basically fallows the same path I think. Here comes the problem, I haven’t seen any of those (I think) so I can’t really asume that the CW series has the same plot. I think it does and like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries, Nikita 2010 has something new on its own to entertain us. Anyway, it’s about this secret agent who wants to bring down the organization that she worked for (a bad one of course). She has help from inside and an agent she probably was romantically involved. A lot of the story line is taken from the past so this show has flashbacks and stuff – I got a hint of Dollhouse watching this.

Now comes the face-off: Hellcats vs Nikita – which is better?

Lead female character: Alyson Michalka (Marti Perkins) vs Maggie Q (Nikita)

From all of the categories I have planned for this post this is the hardest decision. For many reasons I like Marti portrayed by Alyson Michalka and also Nikita portrayed by Maggie Q. Both are gorgeous, smart, strong and independent women going after things they want. You might recognize Alyson from the sister duo band and many Disney and other teen movies. My latest encounter with her was the movie Bandslam where I found her quite tolerable. She is 21 (younger than me I might add) and I’m looking forward of seeing her in her newest upcoming movie Easy A. Maggie Q is a former fashion model and now an actress. I have to admit, I don’t know who she is but apparently she has been in movies like Mission Impossible 3, Deception and New York, I Love You where I should know her from. But I guess I have to remember her now since her performance as Nikita hasn’t been that bad. But when it comes to the face-off for some reason I want to say that despite the fact that Nikita can handle shooting at people I like Marti more. She hasn’t got this killer mission to destroy an organization, so she can take life a little less seriously. Although it seems that she also has her own mission but since it’s much closer to me I find it more realistic and that makes the character more appealing to me. So this round goes to Hellcats 1: Nikita 0.

Lead male character (love interests): Robbie Jones (Lewis Flynn) vs Shane West (Michael)

First of all, Shane wins hands down! so this next part is just to explain this win for Nikita which makes the score Hellcats 1: Nikita 1. First of all, Lewis Flynn portrayed by Robbie Jones is a cheerleader who likes Marti but has problems with his ex and this last point actually makes me wonder about the love-triangle between Payton-Brooke-Lucas and that just makes me sad. I don’t know who he is going to end up with but my guess is that he will go back and worth for a long time (if the show will last of course). It’s actually funny that Robbie himself had a quite big role in One Tree Hill that placed him to the map because he hasn’t done much else but let us hope that this role will give him credit and he can do movies as well. So you can see that I have nothing againts him, he is cute and he can act but next to Shane West who I’ve loved since I saw A Walk To Remember the first time out of “I don’t even know how many times” he has no chance! After ER ended Shane has re-entered the TV-land for my pleasure I assume to give us the complicated character that is Michael. He is on the bad side but has helped Nikita who is fighting on the good side so I think he is good in heart but has this moral obligation for his boss or something. And one other thing you might already know, if you have been stalking Shane like I have, he does this thing with his lips that seems weird at first but then you start to like it – I want him do that ALL the time! Plus, I think his voice is awesome! So, yeah, this is a very subjective win for Nikita but I don’t care.

Second female lead: Ashley Tisdale (Savannah Monroe) vs Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex)

I have nothing against teen Disney actresses who can also sing, I mean I like Alyson Michalka but I guess that is pretty much where my love for them ends. I mean Ashley seems fun and maybe even a little funny but I just don’t like her as a sweet girl like Savannah is in this show. Ashley played the mean girl in High School Musical franchise and there she was okay but her image as a nasty high school peppy person has stayed with me. In Hellcats she is still peppy but she is this sweet lovely girl who doesn’t get jokes – I just don’t like her. Plus the nose is just throwing me off. meanwhile Lyndsy Fonseca who I recognize from the movie Kick-Ass is on a totally different page – she plays this troubled teenage girl Alex who has gone undercover to a secret organization and has to do these crazy missions while giving valid information to Nikita. I mean, you see why this round goes to the show Nikita, right? It’s so obvious! Plus, Lyndsy looks much better than Ashley, more natural and in my opinion prettier, so Hellcats 1: Nikita 2.

Second male leads (love interests): Matt Barr (Dan Patch) vs Ashton Holmes (Thom)

Both Aquarius actors Matt and Ashton are rather unknown but I remember them both. Matt Barr played a crazy person who was after Payton in One Tree Hill, a role that slightly reflects me viewing him as a total a-hole in Hellcats. Ashton Holmes on the other hand comes to mind with House MD where he was sick. But the most disturbing fact is that while Matt Barr to me seems older, he is 6 years younger than Ashton who is, get this, 32 year old who plays as it seems to be a troubled teenager in Nikita. I mean, honestly, does he look 32? I would’ve guessed 26, 27 tops but I guess a lot of the actors now look younger and younger and there is no way telling if they are already married and have kids and mistresses on the side or something. Anyway, since poor Matt played a sicko in One Tree Hill, I have to give this round to Ashton. This decision is also slightly connected to the previous face-off since they both are love interests for them – I find that Asthon and Lyndsy are much cuter looking couple than Ashley and Matt. Hellcats 1: Nikita 3.

Nikita wins the face-off!

And the face-off is ended with Hellcats loosing to Nikita 3 to 1. I’m sorry Hellcats, I just think that the casting has its faults and the story lines seem to be a little shaky for me as well. Nikita on the other hand has a much bigger chance of surprising me in the future since it is based on a mission to destroy a secret government organization while love is in the air. God, how I love when two characters who can’t be together start to have secret meetings in the closet or at a local coffee shop or kiss for the first time under cross fire while they are on a mission to kill the president of a drug company and they both know that this could be the last time they see each other. While Hellcats has already started their love story lines, Nikita seems to be just showing slight indications of those things happening – so the score might as well be Hellcats 1: Nikita 4. But what do numbers matter anyhow, people like what people like and I just like to point out that you should like Nikita more.


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