I would say that sometimes sequels aren’t meant do be made, the same case was with Iron Man – as much as I enjoyed the first Iron Man and as much as I love Robert Downey Jr – I didn’t like the movie. To be fair, I didn’t hate it either, I just don’t care about it.

The story was that … what was the story? It seems that I missed the point of the movie, how stupid of me – oh well, there was a bad guy with lighting coming out of his “suit” and there was lots of action and a dark iron man was also there.  I have to admit, there wasn’t any mushy love story attached – or there actually was and I don’t remember it.

This review is during out to be rather bad because I don’t remember anything about it! So I guess the movie wasn’t worth remembering and there can’t be a worse thing in the movie world to make a movie you can’t remember. Robert looked good though, but on the other hand, he always looks good. Mickey Rourke played the bad guy and well, I must admit he looks like a bad guy, he acts like a bad guy – so he probably is a bad guy. Gwyneth Paltrow was in the second movie also, she had some important role in it – guess she was the love interest. Don Cheadle was the dark iron man, he was a good guy in the end and helped out the red iron man – the good iron men won the battle of good and evil. Sounds interesting? Not so much. Oh yeah, just watched the poster, Scarlet Johansson was also there – she wore some leather catsuit and killed bunch of guys – oh well.


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