I finally took some time to see this, I was sad that I took the time – I’d rather watch a bad horror movie than see Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler run around the city and rekindle their lost marriage. Logic in this was far out of the window – too many bad guys, too much guns simply too much! It actually reminds me of Killers and you already know what thought about that, it looks like they both tried to do Mr. and Mrs. Smith, especially Jennifer Aniston – we all know she has it in for Jolie who took her man! But Jennifer Aniston is a sweet girl, I wouldn’t want her being shot at – I’d rather see her safely tucked under the covers. And to all the other Hollywood sweethearts, stop being Angelina Jolie, you can’t pull that tough girl act, Jolie can because she is – no sweet Friends girl can do what she does.

I have no words for Gerard, I’d rather pretend he wasn’t in that movie and reminisce him in Rock’nRolla and stick with that. NB: You cast Gerard as Milo? Are you kidding me, he doesn’t look like Milo! Milo is a IT-guy with a pony tale sitting in front of the computer wearing sweatpants (with a hint of sweat odour) and gaining weight by eating MacBurgers.

This being said, you can imagine how much I disliked the movie – probably because I was waiting much more from Aniston and especially from Butler! Hoping that next time those two are in a movie (not in the same one hopefully) they get characters that suit them. Hoping that next time they don’t read a bad script and like it – stop writing bad romantic comedies, they seem stupid and make teh actors/actresses look even more stupid – I rest my case.


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