When I sat down this morning, I didn’t expect to write such an elaborate post but clearly I’m crazy, so here we go. There are 75 movies in this list, 75 movies I saw in 2017 and all listed in a chronological order from which I saw them from January to December. Reviews included for those I wrote about, but I didn’t add any ratings because I don’t want to spoil the Best & Worst of 2017 post coming next year. Oh, and the ones I saw in December will have reviews up next year, I promise. Hope you enjoy!

This post is dedicated to Kristin, who will definitely maybe read this post.


In the beginning of 2017, I promised that I will not rewatch any movies and that was going well until March. Since then I rewatched only 5 movies during 2017, not including the 2017 releases I saw twice.

Someone Like You… / Hugh Jackman throwing dumplings is something everyone should witness at least once in their lives.

Spy / Jason Statham really needs to do more comedy because his deadpan delivery of outrageous spy adventures is what makes this movie so much better.

Tropic Thunder / It’s hard to find a good comedy you haven’t seen yet, which is why I turned to Tropic Thunder for some solid laughs.

The Way Way Back / Reason for watching it again, Sam Rockwell, the man who doesn’t get enough credit for stealing every movie he has ever been in.

While You Were Sleeping / It was the holiday season, and even though I could have easily gone for Love Actually, I went for something simple and understated.


Bridget Jones’s Baby / Mini-review / Heartwarming and sweet, but definitely not as strong as the first movie. There were a few hilarious scenes though, especially the carrying Bridget one in the end.

Sing Street / Review / Adorable and optimistic, Sing Street is an unique movie about music, first love and finding your place in the world. Plus, an original 80’s inspired soundtrack? Fabulous!

Moonlight / Mini-review / The more I think back to it, the less I love it because of its slow and melancholy pace, and the unsatisfactory ending. But the movie is iconic for what it stands for, and it’s hard not to like it because of its meaning.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage / Review / I still don’t understand why they even made this movie.

Split / Review / Biggest surprise of the year is definitely that moment when Bruce Willis appears on screen at the end of this SEQUEL. I love this movie forever for that moment alone, but James McAvoy’s performance is just as brilliant.

The Edge of Seventeen / Mini-review / Teenagers are hard to portray because angst is annoying, but so many teenagers are angsty. Because of that, The Edge of Seventeen is on the edge of being super annoying but Woody Harrelson saves the day.

4th Man Out / An indie gay comedy that gets things wrong but is still entertaining and sweet. It doesn’t try to be overly serious, even though the topic is, and it gets bonus points for actually being a positive film compared to every other movie featuring a gay man.


Hacksaw Ridge / Mini-review / Surprisingly good movie that is driven by religion but not powered by it. The most important thing is the humanity, and the honest and brutal way the horrors of war are shown.

Hidden Figures / Mini-review / Such a great story delivered by great actresses, to a generation that needs to see more these types of stories being told on big screens. But the movie didn’t have a WOW moment.

Fifty Shades Darker / Review / Well, what can I say, it was hilarious but only because I never ever plan to take any of the Fifty-movies seriously. The lady in the cinema next to me was super serious about it though, which is why I hate this movie – no woman should ever take a Fifty-movie seriously.

John Wick: Chapter 2 / Review / Keanu Reeves being bad ass and shooting up bad guys? Hell yeah.


LoganReview / Only movie I watched twice on the big screen this year and the second time proved that Logan is a masterpiece among its kind. A superhero movie that has so much emotion to it, that you forget that you are watching a superhero movie. Perfection.

Kong: Skull Island / Review / Despite the CGI being gorgeous, and that one story line being pretty great, the entire movie failed to impress me. And I sure as hell wasn’t impressed by Hiddleston.

Beauty and the Beast / The reason I never reviewed this film was because I didn’t really end up liking it. The fact that so many loved it was scary, because it’s difficult to go against the masses. So i didn’t. But I still don’t see the charm of this one at all, sorry!

Get Out / What a great movie, and what a shame that I didn’t get my thoughts about it down before now. Get Out is the kind of movie that delivers an unique plot, great acting and a surprising twist – which is all what a horror-comedy needs to be.


CHiPS / What a horrible waste of my time. Though it isn’t the worst comedy of 2017, Chips definitely comes close to being nothing but a failure.

Ghost in the Shell / Another disappointing movie that not only gets the casting wrong but fails to deliver on all fronts except visuals. And nowadays, having a visually pretty movie, isn’t praise worthy.

Why Him? /  Had a few laughs but other than that, it isn’t memorable which is a shame with actors who are capable of much much more.

The Space Between Us / While Brit Robertson is still annoying to me, and the movie doesn’t really have anything memorable to grab onto, The Space Between Us wasn’t as bad. Then again, I did see a lot of bad movies in April, so it wasn’t hard to stand out.

Zootopia / What a great animation! Why did I miss this one in 2016, I have no idea, but I’m glad I finally saw it this year. Funny, educational and a great voice cast all around.

Paperback Hero / A romantic comedy with Hugh Jackman, which I liked but didn’t end up loving. The plot has now escaped my mind but I do remember it being sweet and adorable.

Moana / Compared to Zootopia, Moana fails to deliver the it-factor and falls into the mediocre pile of animations. Nothing special and definitely nothing memorable, just a fun time for the kids.

The Fate of the Furious / Review / Do I remember anything else except that baby rescue scene on the plane? Not really because Jason Statham stole the movie, just like he stole that baby, and he looked damn fine while doing so!


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 / The disappointment of this Marvel movie was so huge, and I hated the way Quill’s human/alien background was butchered, plus none of the jokes felt original. But Michael Rooker’s Yondu stole the movie and made it all worth it!

The Last Word / A forgettable movie with Shirley MacLaine bringing all the right cards onto the table, but not enough to save the film. Amanda Seyfried is miscast, but the ending was sweet.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword / Review / Guy Ritchie fails, and that’s a shame because Snatch. is still my all time favourite film. I keep hoping he would make more those kinds of movies, but Ritchie is a big name now, and with big names comes a lot of money. But a lot of money doesn’t necessarily mean a great movie, as seen with King Arthur.

Snatched / Review / The less I think about this movie the better.

Passengers / A good idea, a very bad execution. The casting felt wrong, the twist wasn’t delivered well enough to be effective, and that dangerous situation happening in that exact moment!? Stupid.

Assassin’s Creed / Michael Fassbender needs to get better roles, and movies. This movie has nothing going for it, it’s boring and uneventful.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales / So, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom are back and stuff.


Wonder Woman / Review / Out of all the superhero movies of 2017, Wonder Woman comes the closest to Logan! But while everything is almost perfect, the villain in this is horrible and that is a disappointment. That being said, the movie shines because of Gal Galdot and thanfully, Chris Pine supports her remarkably well.

Once Upon a Time in Venice / Forgettable and boring. The actors feel lost, and the movie wastes talent left and right. Even the dog doesn’t save it from being dull.

Baywatch / The Rock is everywhere but everything he is in, is shit. And since Zac Efron is no Jason Statham, nobody is able to save Baywatch from being horrible and a disaster.

The Mummy / Rebooting something that I remember being funny and entertaining into dull and uneventful movie is the worst thing ever. I saw the original Mummy years ago, but I remember scenes from it better than I remember The Mummy.

Power Rangers / At some point, a guy in a suit should have said “No”, because this movie shouldn’t have been made. There’s nothing remotely memorable about it, and the versatile cast is buried under a crappy plot.


Baby Driver / After a horrible movie month, Baby Driver stood out and was entertaining. Despite the fact that I still hate Ansel Elgort, and I disliked the romance story line from the beginning.

The House / Just because you bring together two very funny actors, doesn’t mean your movie is going to be funny. Amy Poehler deserves better.

Mechanic: Resurrection / I have no idea what was happening but Jason looked good.

Rough Night / I expected to hate this movie but I actually ended up liking it. I had fun, and I am not mad at it, which is very surprising to me.

The Winning Season / Why Sam Rockwell ends up playing unlikable characters is a mystery, because I can never dislike him. Though I do dislike some of the movies his in, but it’s because the movies are bad, and that has nothing to do with Rockwell, who rocks.

Spider-Man: Homecoming / Review / I adore Tom Holland, and I adore his Spider-Man. While this one got a lot of hate, I liked it and I was actually surprised by the reveal in the end. Not the strongest Marvel movie, obviously, but not the worst either.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them / I just can’t look at Eddie Redmayne seriously, I just can’t. And it’s a fucking joke that Farrell turns into Depp, it should be the other way around!

Deepwater Horizon / The movie portrays well the horrible and tragic event that took place in 2010. Wahlberg is good, but Dylan O’Brien is my favourite and always will be.

Dunkirk / Review / It’s a masterful film that delivers everything a war movie should deliver. It’s quiet, but sometimes the silence screams the loudest. My only negative comment is that it’s nonlinear story line is a bit difficult to grasp, which I don’t mind, but I would have wanted it to be less jumbled.

The Beguiled / Review / Sofia Coppola has yet to make a movie that doesn’t bore me to death. As good as the performances were, as great as it was to see Colin Farrell being bathed with a cloth, the movie was dull and a disappointment. And it didn’t even show us Farrell’s ass, that’s a crime against humanity.


Atomic Blonde / Just because you have an amazing actress leading, and a great supporting actor, and impressively long single shot, doesn’t mean you have a great movie on your hands. The strongest is the movie’s middle part, the weakest is its double/triple ending.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard / Great idea, Ryan Reynolds deadpan delivery is always funny to witness, but the movie takes it a bit too far at times. Still, pretty entertaining for what it is.

Naked / I don’t even know why I watched it… but I did, and I wasted my time on it.

Death Note / Netflix is making a lot of movies but none of them seem to be good. Death Note is not bad, but it doesn’t really stand out either. I don’t know the original source material so I can’t comment on its truthfulness towards the manga, but I heard it wasn’t good.


It / I can’t believe I didn’t review this one, because I loved it! It was scary but it was funny as hell, and I loved the performances by all the kids. Bill Skarsgard had big shoes to fill but I thought he did a wonderful job, and I’m glad the sequel will bring the kids back as flashbacks!

American Assassin / My opinion of this movie is not fair because I’m a Dylan O’Brien fan first, and a movie blogger second. So I loved this one. It was predictable as hell, but I got to see Dylan be badass and I was happy. I wish the training had been longer though.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle / Disappointing. So much joy from the first movie still in mind, I went to see it with high hopes and I was let down from the beginning. It aimed to shock us, but it just destroyed its fandom with mediocrity.


Blade Runner 2049 / Visually stunning, and refreshing. Gosling was good, and Ford was great, but only Leto felt a bit off. I did like how the movie progressed and even though it was a bit predictable and a little long, I can forgive those things.

The Snowman / Review / Fuck this movie. Fuck everything about it! Who approved this to be ready for an audience must have been drunk as hell when they watched this.


Thor: Ragnarok / Review / Marvel does it again, and this time it’s thanks to Taika Waititi bringing his unique charm to a big movie. Thor has never been so entertaining, and none of the characters fail to impress. Maybe Anthony Hopkins but that’s because his story line was a little empty.

The Meyerowitz Stories (New And Selected) / Podcast / Surprised how much I enjoyed this movie, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed Adam Sandler. The man needs to do more drama, because he does it so well.

A Bad Mom’s Christmas / Waste of my time, yet again, and even though I enjoyed the first movie, I wasn’t happy about its sequel. And this gets a sequel while a great comedy like Spy gets nothing!? Disgrace!

Rififi / Podcast / Classics are not for me. Very slow paced and boring, I suffered. It did have an interesting heist element to it though, which was somehow made dull but it was interesting for a minute or so.

Broken Embraces / Podcast / Rather interesting actually. A bit odd as well, a little rough around the edges but Penelope Cruz is so beautiful!

Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! / Podcast / First venture into the world of Bollywood, and I was actually rather entertained. A little shaky in terms of its plot, but had a few surprisingly entertaining scenes as well.


The Shape of Water / Review coming in 2018 / Weird, unique and strange, but in a good way. Sally Hawkins doesn’t speak, yet she manages to steal the show easily. A magical realism story I actually enjoyed.

Wind River / Review coming in 2018 / Quiet film with a loud message that breaks your spirit because horrible things happen for no reason. Great cast, and Jon Bernthal’s brief presence on screen is worth the pain it causes. This is what The Snowman wanted to be but never came close to.

Sweet Virginia / Watched this for Jon Bernthal and I have no regrets. Character driven story that takes place in a small town that’s shaken by strange events. Plot is a little thin, but Bernthal’s performance is worth the time.

The Big Sick / Strange love story based on real life? Sign me up, because The Big Sick feels as real and honest as an actual love story. It is raw, rough around the edges and one of the good ones from this year.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets / Empty from start to finish. Visually, yes sure, interesting, but plot is weak and the chemistry between DeHaan and Delevingne is disturbingly sibling like. I couldn’t care less about it.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi / So, too long and too pretentious. Some stand out visual action scenes, but not much in terms of character development (no really, what changed?), and unnecessary plot decisions that derailed the movie towards pointless story lines.

Call Me By Your Name / Review coming in 2018 / Only good thoughts and words for this small indie film that stole my heart. It has one of the best final scenes ever, and Timotheé Chalamet is a name I will from now on keep an eye out forever.

Lady Bird / Review coming in 2018 / Teenagers are hard to portray, and like I said, their angst is easily annoying. Lady Bird is angsty, but it redeems itself during those moments she is at peace with herself. Ronan is good, but deep down, I still love her more in Brooklyn.

I, Tonya / Review coming in 2018 / For me, the story of Tonya Harding was unknown, so it was all new to me. I thought it was brutal, and interestingly misleading. Good cast all around, and Paul Walter Hauser (who made me ugly cry while watching The Night Shift) is brilliantly cast!

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri / Review coming in 2018 / For me, Sam Rockwell stole the movie yet again, but the rest of the cast was strong too. The biggest flaw? The ending, which was not something I wanted nor needed.

So those were the movies I saw in 2017. Let me know if I missed out on something good, and let me know which movies I should continue avoiding in 2018!




  • Sooo many good movies on this list!!! *insert heart-eyes emoji here* I watched quite a lot of them, but there’s also still quite the bunch I am looking forward to. I am just amazed that you remember all of them? Do you keep a list?

  • It sounds like we reacted very similarly to The Last Jedi (which I’m glad about because sometimes it feels like everyone LOVED it). I need to keep a proper list of all the movies I watch next year. Maybe then I can force myself to write reviews on a regular basis. It’s cool to look back through all you’ve watched in a year!

  • I felt the exact same about Star Wars! ugh. Found some great films for my list from this one, thanks!
    Also….Keira and Bloom are back in POTC?!!! Holy shit. On tonight’s watchlist!

  • Someone Like You – Oh gosh, I’m so overdue to watch this again. Thanks for reminding me of this one. It is lovely.

    The Way Way Back – what a lovely movie. Absolutely wonderful.

    Paperback Hero – wow, didn’t think anyone else out there knew about this one. I enjoyed it but like you, didn’t love it. Something was missing.

    Ok…so I’ll give Kingsman: The Golden Circle a miss because I had so much fun with the first one.

    Wind River was excellent and you’ve got it spot on with your note on it.

    • Kinsgman I think was the biggest disappointment of 2017 and it top the list if I’d ever write on for last year. Probably not gonna do it though.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • I’m going to try to keep track of how many movies I watch for the first time in 2018. I’ve never done that before.

    I’ll probably quit after a month. lol

    • I recommend you to do so on Letterboxd, it’s easy and simple, I think you’re gonna do just fine! Get the app, log the movie right after you see it, it takes just seconds. 😀

  • Aahhhh so many to watch!! I’m sad not that you didn’t like Beauty and the Beast but that you didn’t review it for those reasons! Who cares? I mean, tbh, months after, it’s not amazing. It certainly won’t be in my top favourites of 2017 and most of the joy I got from it was nostalgia for the animated version. You’re talking about the live action one right???!!! Either way, you do you!

    Can’t wait for all those reviews coming next year, good luck!!

    • I wasn’t surprised I didn’t like it, I don’t have a big connection with the original animation anyway so I didn’t have that nostalgia feeling when I went to see it either. Cinderella though, that was a live action movie I enjoyed!

      Oh I’m gonna take this review thing super seriously this year! Writing like 3 today! 😀

  • Gurl you made that post in a day?! Jesus Christ that is some skill! Paul Walter Hauser nearly stole the show in Tonya. When he said “JEFF DID IT!” I almost died laughing. I loved the ending of Three Billboards I thought it was great and very optimistic, much like Renner’s actions in Wind River’s final scenes. Just take them all down.

    • I’m getting better at list making. 😀
      Hauser had a role in Night Shift, like I said, I cried my eyes out because he was so natural and I felt so bad, and when I checked him out on IMDb I discovered he’s pretty much unknown. I hope I, Tonya brings him more roles because he is such a great actor, effortless and natural.
      I disliked the fact that the main plot didn’t get an ending, it felt a little unsatisfying.

  • A terrific list very well written as always – here is my trivia related to it – “Why Him?” was filmed a half mile down the street from where I live – and they closed off the road to shoot for a month – the all-glass house is amazing to look at, but the road closure was a pain! Too bad the movie wasn’t funny – James Franco needs to tread very carefully around comedy

      • When we first passed by, there were giant “Ape” statues out front – I thought it was for the latest “Planet Of The Apes” film! Yes, it’s cool – we live a block from the late Janet Leigh’s house – star of “Psycho” of course – and Priscilla Presley lives a half mile from us too…kind of fun to spot people sometimes!

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