It has been couple of days since I saw Going the Distance, I have had the time to take it all in, think about it and now, writing this review, I have to say it was probably one of the best romantic comedies this year (I’ll see if I say it after I watch Love and Other Drugs – the main competition). The reason is actually simple, it was logical! Logic is the main reason so many romantic comedies fail to impress me – I have to question every other thing and I hate doing that. Going the Distance was built on a quite common situation and it was enjoyable, but most of all, it made sense!

The fact that Justin Long and Drew Barrymore have dated or are still dating or are just “close” to each other is actually a wonderful part of the movie. The chemistry between them two is somewhat uncomfortable even because it feels like I’m watching them enjoying a good time for real (and they don’t seem to act). Justin Long was as good as he was in He’s Not That Into You (where Barrymore also took part in) – I like him and that was probably the reason I couldn’t say nothing bad about him. Also nothing bad about Drew, I think she is a bad *ss and a real cool girl and not like those other leading lady type – more common girl next door – of course the characters helped those too a lot, it was like written for them.

Now comes the writing – the logic aside, the dialog at some places was just too much. I don’t what has happened to the language in a sence that everything has to be so.. so.. obscene. I get it, people like to say d*ck a lot, sure, but why to make it so BIG and just blurt it out over 10 times in 2 minutes. I’m talking about a specific scene where Drew yelled at a big guy which I found actually funny but thinking back about it – I wouldn’t like to see that scene many times. The movie on the other hand I would like to watch again – I liked the beginning of it, I rather enjoyed the middle part and the end was probably as logical as life itself – such a rare thing in Hollywood romantic comedies.

So if you haven’t seen it, go and enjoy it – I bet there aren’t many romantic comedies coming that would be better than this.


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