While the two seasons seemed to end in a hurry the third one took some time – I should have watched the entire season after all the episodes had aired but nothing to do about that anymore.

There are three things about season three I would like to write about – first are the new characters, second: things I liked/hated and third – Bill/Sookie/Eric. It will definitely give away a lot of the plot this season has, so I don’t recommend reading this if there is a slight chance you’ll start watching this show. And the other thing is – there are posts about the first two seasons too – read them first in case you haven’t seen the show, other wise you will not understand most of this post.

New characters – there were quite a lot of them this season or it just seems that way. Anyway, there was Crystal who is/was Jason’s love interest and who actually has this dark secret – she is a panther or whatever they are called. (I read from the book summaries that Jason will share this secret but you’ll never know if Alan Ball fallows the books but there is a little itsy bitsy hope because the books have this plot that I really love which isn’t happening to the series though!) Also, somebody new for Lafayette – Jesus who also isn’t just a regular human – he’s a which, and Tara gets a crazy ass vampire named Franklin as her lover, Alcide, a man who helps Sookie a lot in this season,  is a werewolf. Do you see a pattern? Apparently there aren’t any new characters who are regular people – just supernatural beings that are a) helping or b) not helping at all! But let us continue, my favoritee new character in this season was actually Sam’s little brother who he discovers to have the same “curse” that he has – Tommy. He is this troubled kid who Sam saves but then he goes nuts! Sam, not Tommy and I don’t even get the reason. Yes, he has a troubled past and it’s kind of catching up with him but after what happened to him last season I wasn’t expecting him to loose it like that. Anyway, he shoots at Tommy! That happens in the final episode of the season and it isn’t showed if he really kills him or not – the only thing that makes this wait for the next season hard! Since the main plot this season is the politics there was a lot more Sophie-Anne (queen!) portrayed by Evan-Rachel Wood who I actually really-really like! and this seasons bad guy Russell! (He’s boytoy-vamp Talbot wasn’t a big character but since he was the center of Russell’s life, the idea of him was important.) Russell as a bad guy had a mission – to wipe out the human race and rule the vampires – he was later buried under cement to think about the things he had done in 3000 years! There were smaller characters but these are those who a) stay for the fourth season b) made a big impact.

Secondly, the things I liked or hated about this season. I really liked the plot of the season, the politics thing with lots and lots of plans inside of plans and fake plans and lies and deceit! If I think about it, there was so many moments when I thought that this was it, this is the truth but everybody had a secret plan. Eric was the main character in this season, his plot made the whole season stay together because it was his revenge on Russell that put everything in motion. His interaction with the queen and Russel and Bill were so tricky I don’t even remember everything but I do know that among the “Kill Russell” plan, that Eric had, he was trying to find out what made Sookie special. Which brings me to the queen who hired, get this, BILL to get close to Sookie and bring her to her! This was revealed at the end of the season by Eric! That I loved, because this made Bill a bad guy and it was a twist that I wasn’t expecting because this turns the previous seasons into a lie, sort of. (As a side note – I didn’t enjoy the matrix vampire flying fight between the queen and Bill AT ALL – and it seems to continue in the pilot episode of season 4!) Oh, and I didn’t like Sam going nuts but I enjoyed Lafayette’s love-affair and loved that Tara left, I didn’t really like her but I’m afraid that she’ll be coming back – shoot. Seems like everything I’m talking about comes from the last episodes but what else can I do, I remember them the best – oh and Arlene didn’t loose the baby but she’s still looking like she doesn’t want the killer baby. Oh, and Hoyt and Jessica got a house that is probably haunted or something – that’s what we need – GHOSTS! Other than that, the whole show is still well made and hasn’t lost the touch of artistic feel that it seems to have over the other shows – maybe it is the dark humor that True Blood brings and the witty writing – my favorite quote: “If you two stop eye-fucking, we can leave!” This shows that True Blood can enrich your language.. I’m using that sentence next time somebody stares at me or something!

And the third thing – Bill-Sookie-Eric. The three of them have this triangle that I in some ways love and then hate at the same time! I am team Eric! I have never liked Bill. This might have to do something with Stephen and Alexander though – okay, it might be all about that but the my record also shows that I like bad guys who turn good guys and Eric is a bad guy who is actually a good guy. Anyway, this trio might bring some trouble into the fourth season because I’m hoping that after Sookie comes back from the fairy-land (oh yes, she is half fairy, that being the reason why vampires want her/like to drink her, plus her blood can give them about a minute or two in the sunlight – awesomeness!) where she went just seconds before the season 3 ended – a sad moment… can’t wait for season 4!

Here are some stills from the entire season, mostly Eric – sorry Bill, I just don’t like you!


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