The reason why I am doing this post is my latest obsession towards Joseph – I think he is one of the best things in movie world at the moment and I’m saying movie world because he doesn’t seem that Hollywood. He has this production company called HitRecord that has videos, stories, drawings, songs by regular people and JGL is looking for those people. This seems be a great jump-start to somebody very talented. Plus, JGL says in his Nylon interview that: “The future of the movies isn’t in Hollywood, and that’s a good thing.” Since I’m watching mostly Hollywood movies lately (I’m trying to change that, honestly!) and saying bad things about them I’m sort of agreeing with him. Most of the good movies I’ve seen haven’t been block-busters (except Inception) so there is some truth behind that quote.

My first interaction with JGL was in the 3rd Rock From The Sun – he played one of the aliens that had come to earth – I loved that show! Then, came the oh so famous love of my life Heath Ledger movie 10 Things I Hate About You where Joseph had a cute role as the guy who organized the whole plot of the movie – which was a good thing as we remember. Oh, Heath – Joseph actually reminds me him (and I’m not the only one) and this is some what sad – but even if he looked like nobody else, I’d still like Joseph – I like him for him, not because he looks a little like Heath Ledger. The rumor that Joseph will be playing Riddle in the last Batman movie made by Nolan was a shocker because then it would be like Ledger vol 2 in so many ways. I haven’t heard anything about it lately so I’m thinking it was just a rumor and there is no reason to worry that the next Batman movie will be looking a lot like The Dark Knight.

There are a lot of movies I wanna see where JGL is taking part, one of them is waiting me right now – Uncertainty. Then there is Premium Rush which is being filmed at the moment. And there is a comedy/drama Live With It in pre-production coming out in 2011. So there is something to look forward regarding JGL – plus there is the timeless classic 10 Things I Hate About You which I haven’t been able to watch ever since January 22nd 2008 – can’t believe it’s almost been 3 years. GI: Joe was good thanks to him by the way – when his character died I was like NO! and didn’t even get the fact that he was the mad scientist until the end – I’m slow that way sometimes when the acting is good (plus the make-up: the same happened to Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder, had no idea it was him because of the make-up!)

Anyway, here are two short movies Joseph has done with HitRecord Production Company. They are really well written (unique) and a proof that JGL isn’t just doing his things onto the big screen. If this sounds like a tribute without any bad words about JGL then it sounds right – he’s perfect in my book and I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna change. I’m like that, I like somebody so much that I’m literally slightly obsessed but then there are those who I dislike and nothing can change that – it’s called subjetivity, live with it!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFOIdhaJLo8] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIhsKCrTf3g] 0

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