Just finished watching The Vampire Diaries season 2 premier “The Return” and I just sat there with my mouth open while the last 5 minutes of the shows first episode of season two rolled in front of my eyes. If there is a great way to make a season start, this is one of those ways! Just hard hitting shock moments with questions about the next episode and the whole season rising into your mind.

The saddest thing for me was to see Damon getting those “I love only Stefan” quotes from both Katherine and Elena. And then the shock moment of him killing Tyler who didn’t really die because Elena’s father probably gave him the ring that saves people from supernatural death. Why? Oh, why did Damon flip out like that! And why is that both Elena and Katherine love Stefan? or is it just Kathrine playing the game like there’s no rules?

Anyhow, this season premier just made me want to write about it – it was that good! Hope the next one will deliver many more jaw dropping moments!


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