Though I’ve been in a strange mood these past few months where nothing seems to entertain me, music has had its moments. A few songs here and there have made it to my playlist and some I’ve played in a constant loop. Since I don’t want this blog to become a solely Thursday-upload blog, I thought why not make a different list post. And since the last time I shared anything music related was last June I figured it was about that time again. Here is a list of seven songs that I’ve obsessed over in these past few months.


Initially I planned this list with no explanations but I feel like this here needs one so here we are. Uk, Hun? is a song created for Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. This version, the one that lives my brain rent free now is by United Kingdolls that consists of the following drag queens: A-Whora, Bimini Bon-Boulash, Tayce and Lawrence Chaney.

They each created a verse for this and Bimini’s is my favourite (hers is the last one in the song). The entire song was a total hit and even made it to some charts in the UK. Oh and this entire episode where this musical number was showcased was inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest. The last will be a theme here.


This Estonian song is performed by Jüri Pootsmann and the English title would be Sweet Melancholy. It was part of the national pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest but sadly it came third in the finale. While a fan favourite for sure, there just wasn’t enough votes and we won’t be sending this to the Eurovision.

Luckily I can still listen to it on repeat and that’s a victory for me.


Still in the Eurovision lane, here’s this years song for Italy. Måneskin is an Italian rock band that I actually knew of before! I listened to their debut album Il Ballo Della Vita for months and some of the songs on there are definitely among my favourites. Sadly I forgot about them in 2020 completely so I’m glad they reminded me of themselves.

Zitti E Buoni is the song they will take to the Eurovision stage. While I think they won’t win, unfortunately, they will still rank high. I love their vibe and the music video is clever too.


Something a lot darker and more recent. Machine Gun Kelly isn’t the kind of artist I turn to but Corpse aka Corpse Husband is. Corpse is a youtuber who has been part of the gaming crowd I discovered through Among Us. He also sings and has many songs available on Spotify.

His success is all him and his fans. Corpse has no label, no publicist no nothing – he does it all himself. Oh and he also hasn’t shown his face and that adds some mystery. Also this song is very heavy so do not recommend if this is not your thing.


Back to Eurovision for a minute. Blind Side is a Finnish band that will represent their country in this years Eurovision. Their song is completely different from what Eurovision usually brings to the table and I love that. They have this rock-metal vibe with a softer side. Definitely nostalgic for me as I grew up in the 90’s when this style seemed to be at its peak.


We are entering a new territory … a new one for me – K-HipHop. I know Nik must be so proud of me right now but I’m still a little confused. You see I haven’t ventured into K-Pop and I find it hard to do so. But apparently Bobby and K-HipHop are most likely my gateway there.

This song is so cool though. The music video brings me joy too and I just.. I don’t know. It’s new, different and I like that I’m not afraid to try out new things.


Okay, so is this a song? Well, it sort of is but it also depends how you look at it. It’s on Riz Ahmed’s latest album. The album starts with The Breakup, which is this kind of lyrical poem. So it’s also not a song but a poem. The bottom line is I love it! Plus I love the video for it too. This is art. ART!

I already own the deluxe version of this album on vinyl but it’s still at my friends place in Scotland. The cover image of this post is part of the art work for this album.

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