I wrote in May that I’ve discovered Kpop. Fast forward half a year and I’m still very much into it. But now instead of focusing on one group my focus has shifted… everywhere. I now have so many favourites it’s hard to keep track of them all. But I figured it would be nice to have some lists here and there to see where I have ended up at. So here are 7 songs I’ve been loving lately (there have certainly been more but I’ll stick to 7).


Most recent favourite of mine is B.I’s 1st mini-album Cosmos. It’s a combination of hip hop meets feel good songs that fit well into my playlist. The mini-album has many good songs, the title song Cosmos is super cute but Flame is my personal favourite. I just love the hip hop vibes.


Despite the fact that most of the members in this group are born in the 00’s (makes me feel incredibly old), they brought out a song that took me to my teenage years. LO$ER=LO♡ER has that nostalgic emo-rock vibe that just got me. I was immediately dragged into their world and now like most of their songs. Sorry not sorry.

(Music video)


I won’t get too into it but Key’s first mini-album Bad Love is incredibly special. It’s filled with amazing songs and honestly I’d be completely thrilled to list them all here. But I’ll stick to Helium which is a track completely in English. By the way, the header image is from Key’s album. The entire concept of Bad Love was brilliant!


While the previous songs have been by artists and groups I’m fully aware of I know nothing about N.Flying. I just heard Moonshot and fell in love. It’s an upbeat soft-rock track that has a rap verse and gets me excited. Maybe one day I’ll dive more into N.Flying but for now I’ll just adore the hell out of Moonshot.

(Music video)


I’m naturally drawn towards rappers so the fact that I really started to like Monsta X’s I.M is no surprise to me. His God Damn has such a great mellow vibe too. It’s the perfect chill Friday night staying in vibe with a hint of  danger. I can’t explain it. Anyway, this is a good one!

(Music video)  


OnlyOneOf is an underrated group who recently had a member leave. So this is a bittersweet mention. I absolutely love their entire vibe but having discovered them right before they went from 7 to 6 hurts. Anyway their discography is great, libidO especially stands out but I’m currently more attached to savanna.

(Music video)



Ending this list of seven was so hard because there were so many songs left to mention. But I’m gonna go with somebody who used to be part of a Kpop group but now has a solo career as DPR Ian. His songs are in English and his entire discography is so swoon worthy. It is haunting and strange and his music videos are stunning! Definitely a must for anyone, you don’t even have to be into Kpop.

(Music video)


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