IMDb says, this is an action, a comedy and a romance movie. Basically, another romantic comedy I didn’t like! This must be a really bad year for romance because the movies seem to get worse and worse. (Only hope are the ones I mentioned in my previous post – Love and Other Drugs and Going the Distance). Killers – let’s just say, when I close my eyes and say:  “No, no, no!” it isn’t good. When I feel embarrassed about the character or the line or the whole story – it isn’t good!

The story was about this woman and a man who meet in France and fall in love and get married. The guy is a killer! for the CIA or what ever and the woman does something in a firm that has only nerds. Anyway, he gets this message from his old boss and then the action begins. Everybody in his life wants to kill him! Isn’t that nice – everybody wants to kill him! And he kills all of them! What a nice man he is – besides, the ones that try to kill him work for the man who is the girls father and he is a good guy, so basically the guy killed good guys and later they all hugged and made up and celebrated the soon to be parenthood! Isn’t that a good story!?

Basically, I think it was a total Mr. and Mrs. Smith remake which had no actual story and no point and should I mention my dislike for Mrs.  Heigl? I’d rather not waste my time since I wasted a hour and a half watching this piece of nonsence in the first place.


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