Remember how I told you that romantic comedies have died for me? Well, Letters to Juliet didn’t have better luck in my book.

First, the woman who played the lady who was looking for her long lost love (I don’t even care about her to look up her name!) looked like she was high most of the time! Or was it her vision how to play a role of an elderly woman finding her lover? It was horrible – and I never say that, I usually dislike the actor/actress but never I critic the acting because I have no idea how to act but now I see what’s bad acting, it was that lady acting like the character just smoked a joint and had no idea what was going on!

Amanda Seyfried was the same like she was in Dear John – I don’t know. They say some actresses have every color of the rainbow – she is giving me pink (and it’s not even in the rainbow) and she gave me pink in Dear John and in Mamma Mia!. I am waiting for something new from her.

Christopher Egan – nothing to say. Gael GarcĂ­a Berna – love you, don’t ever change!

Now to the story.. Oh god. Where to start? The beginning was hopeful, then it become funny, then I coulnd’t stand it and then they lost me at the balcony! The reason why I disliked the balcony scene at the end was because it was too obvious! I would’ve liked to see something not so Romeo and Juliet and then later connect the dots myself – rather than see the balcony and the guy telling “It had to be the balcony?” like I wouldn’t get that it was linked to the all so famous love-story. Basically – it was stupid!

Since romatic comedies have died in my mind, I’m not gonna even give them any stars from now on if I don’t like them. Maybe it is just me and my non-excisting love life or maybe it truly is the stupidity of the movies – I am not sure, but my dearest wish is that someone will finally write something that doesn’t look like a marshmallaow-cherrypie-icecream mushy love story! I should start looking outside of Hollywood – HW is becoming too shallow for me.


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