I watched The Expendables the other day and I have no idea why I watched it. Sylvester Stallone, the director, screenplay writer and the lead role, is 64 years old and thinks he can still play the hero! Thanks to stuntmen and body doubles he made us think that he’s still the best, but sometimes I felt like he was out of breath and looked so tired. I felt bad.

The cast was hopeful at first, Bruce Willis and Jason Statham were the names that stood out because they are still good and famous (?) – the rest of them are best known for making action films in the 90s (I think – I didn’t care to look up).  All familiar faces and I have to admit, some of the writing was actually funny. Few laughs there and there but the whole story itself was lacking wisdom but wasn’t that the point? The 90s action films had the same thing – lots of action and no story! Isn’t that the basic for those films – a guy saves a girl while killing lots of men?

The scenes had some pretty good visual fighting stuff – I’m no expert but the combat looked well thought of, except the fact that Stallone looked like he was about to faint or something. Jason was good, I like him – he was  the youngest member of the main cast and the expendables.

I think the main good thing about this movie was its cast that has a lot of context behind it – they were all action stars (Jason still is) who wanted to make a comeback? OH, the good old 90s, how I miss those movies – action, comedy or romantic – I want to go back to the 90s.

Based on my not so happy mood while watching this I don’t think this movie is meant to be deep and thoughtful – just an action movie for guys who like violence. It has guns, knives, bombs, muscels, a girl and a bad guy! Formula for etertainment – but not for me – 2 stars!


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