Moulin Rouge!, Chicago, Dream Girls – musicals that I’ve watched and actually enjoyed. At the end of 2010 comes another – Burlesque which has a long  list of actors/actresses that mean something to me. First, Cam Gigandet – he seems to have a big role in this and I just hope that this time he has the chance to play a good guy! Although I have nothing against him playing a bad one either, I just think he is lead man worthy and it’s his time.

The main role of course belongs to Christina Aguilera who plays a small town girl trying to make it in the big city. Sounds familiar? Well, it sure looks like another typical “make it or brake it” movie to me. Although, this one has Cher – who knew – she is back! Stanley Tucci has a supporting role and looks like Kristen Bell is now brunette since Christina is rocking the very oh so innocent blond look. By the way, doesn’t Christina look different? Like a lot younger than she really is? Ah, who cares, she can sing her a** off on stage and I think that it is going to be another solid musical to the world to see. (Even a very good one when Cam Gigandet is on the screen, a lot- A LOT… and hopefully naked.)

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