I did a post about Just Wrights trailer a while back and now I had the change to watch it. Well, let’s just say that romantic comedies haven’t been my favorites lately and Just Wright surely isn’t an exception in this case.

It was solid in a way that the main character wasn’t a skinny girl but at the same time, her weight was never mentioned – she was still gorgeous as hell to men so basically another typical romantic comedy. I didn’t get any chemistry between her and Common (I think it was his name) but that could be because Queen herself enjoys life by dating women. Not saying she is a bad actress or anything I just think that the attraction wasn’t quite there.

The point of the movie was that this basketball player needed to get his knee working before he ended his contract with the Nets. Queen played a woman who was a physical therapist – they of course fell in love, got married and a happy end was a happy end. It had some laughs but not funny funny ha ha but more like… ha ha .. women. I laughed at this woman who wanted to be a trophy wife – I thought she was a cliche and it was funny to me. God how I miss the good old romantic comedies – Pretty Woman! Oh, nice idea – now you know how I’m gonna spend my Friday night! (Today I’m gonna read a book called A Girl With a Dragon Tattoo which has a Swedish movie based on it and an Amercan movie version coming next year – doing a little research.)


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