Haven’t seen it and you are a big movie person – watch it!

To start, there are a lot of good things to say about this movie, mostly about Tom Ford the director of the movie which is his debut. Most of you probably haven’t heard of him, I think, I in the other hand know that he is well known in the fashion world since he worked for Gucci and has started his own fashion line after that. I think his background as a designer has given him something wonderful and delightful because his movie was so different of what I’ve seen before.

This fact, that he is a designer and that he is openly gay, is very helpful for understanding the movie. Besides the story which is based on a novel that Ford himself with a friend wrote for the screen the movie is awesome. There is no other word, the movie was visually so inspiring that it gave me chills and still thinking about it makes me smile.

The details of the shots and color and everything seem to work and I really think that it comes down to Ford having good taste! Some directors have the eye, he also but he has this style that I haven’t seen before – he put fashion into a movie. Menswear is known for lines and straight cuts and tailoring – remembering this and watching the movie you can like almost see those techniques on the screen (with a little imagination of course).

Colin Firth gave an amazing performance and I think it was worth the Academy Award nomination (can’t say if his loss for Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart was justified). Julianne Moore had such a short performance but still managed to gave her all, as well as Matthew Goode and Nicholas Hoult. To think of it, the movie didn’t have much of activity/action or to be totally honest much of a story. It was simple, a single man getting his life in order before taking his own life – that was it, the whole story that had some flashbacks to the past and some interactions with other characters but it was as simple as it could be. And to make it interesting and fluid and keep us guessing until the end was thrilling – the visual scenes that where illustrating the story gave something extra to the whole point of the movie.

Would I watch it again? Probably, just because I want to see the images of the movie again because the story was behind the beauty of how the movie was shot and how it came together as something tailored and stylish  – 4+ ! 0

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