I haven’t been able to watch movies lately, haven’t had the time nor the interest. Latest movie I watched was A Single Man which review I’m gonna post next.

I really want to go to the movies, but since it is the end of the month, I haven’t got the resources to go there – Inception and The Expendables are in my list as well as Eat Pray Love. Last is mostly because I heard it was bad and I really want to see it now – Julia Roberts to me is always the Pretty Woman and now it seems that she’s trying to pull of Sandra Bullock comeback but she isn’t doing it successfully. Eat Pray Love didn’t do well in the box office and it seems that the romantic comedies/dramas and the what evers aren’t popular anymore – The Switch, which is Anistons newest movie, also failed to bring in big numbers. I think people are looking for excitement and are tired of the same old same old romantic comedies/dramas that all tell you about the same illusion:  “beautiful women have trouble with love but in the end it all turns out and they live happily ever after!”. It is good to know that you know, to see that in the movies and to read about it, but seriously, life isn’t like that and people like me are realistic about love so romantic comedies can s*ck it – I don’t like them anymore!

I have planned to watch Darren Aronofsky movies Pi, Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream (I’ve seen the last one once already). I read about him the other day and discovered that we share the same birthday – gotta love the month of Feburary! But since I don’t feel like watching any movies those three have to wait and maybe I’ll even post something about those under a post called Darren Aronofsky. To be honest, I haven’t posted anything about directors and actors/actresses and have done just the movie/poster/trailer/still thing even though I have planned it. I watched Tarantino movies Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill vol 1 and 2, Four Rooms (short stories from 4 different directors) and Inglorious Basterds – but haven’t posted anything about that night. I feel like it is easier to comment the movie than the director and usually when I think about directors it’s hard not to like them. It’s like this, if the movie is cool and good, I know the name of the director and watch movies he has done before/after – hence I like him already. If I don’t know the director it is probably because I don’t give a damn about him/her – so why should I post a totally over the top post about how I love Tarantino or Burton or Ritchie or who ever? Maybe I should just give a short preview of their work.. I don’t know, I don’t want to sound shallow or unprofessional while talking about directors, but I feel like I haven’t got enough of knowledge to critic them. Personal taste aside I want to give a solid preview of their work.. but I can’t jet, soon hopefully.
So don’t worry, the blog is still up and running just taking a brake from movies because I have been tripping onto bad ones lately (with few exceptions) and I just can’t take it anymore. Besides, I can’t wait for True Blood to finish this season, not that I want it to end, I just wanna know what’s gonna happen! And then, new season premiers, new shows.. can’t imagine how I’m gonna handle all that and school – be prepared, I’m gonna spill the beans about every show next season, at least every show I’m gonna watch (there are many of those!).  Stay tuned!


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