At first I want say that I’m proud of myself that I managed to brake out from block-busters and movies that are in English. I haven’t been a great movie critic since I only watch movies that are made in the States or in the UK – the North Europe to me is a new experience but I’ve started to warm up to it. And after watching Patrik 1.5, a Swedish film, I think I’ll be getting my hands on more of those in the near future.

Patrik 1.5 is a movie about a gay couple who are planning to adopt a child, they get approved and they are thrilled when they receive a letter that says they’re getting Patrick 1,5 years old. to their surprise, Patrik that arrives is 15. Then come the problems and twist. And when I say twist I mean twists! Seriously, this movie had so many of them that in the end I lost count. And still, there weren’t too many, just enough to keep me guessing right until the end.

For those who are fans of Alexander Skarsgård there is another surprise – his younger brother Gustaf Skarsgård is playing one of the gay dads in the movie. And he plays it well! He was so warm and had this feminine frame and to my surprise, he’s 6 foot 3 (1.91 m) – he didn’t seem that tall. Tall men usually look to me so manly and strong but he managed to make me believe that he was the opposite to that. Oh my, it is getting harder and harder not to be smitten towards the  Skarsgård’s – Sweden is so lucky to have them. Plus, the guy who played Patrik gave a good performance also. He looked dangerous and sweet and interesting and dark and pleasant and troubled and peaceful and sad and happy and worried! That’s right, he had to all that and I think he got it and did it all by himself, although the messy hair cut helped a little.

Besides that, the movie was interestingly directed. It had cool scenes and frames plus the montage in some places was awesome. You’ll get it when you see it, it is hard to explain the visual side of a movie put I like how sometimes the visual side becomes a part of the movie and the camera isn’t just monotone but, like it was seen in one scene where I could see the camera running with the actor, takes an extra role. Here are also some of the scenes from the movie which I recommend warmly. 0

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