It has been a good movie week for me, I have watched two movies and both of them I liked – I have planned one more and who knows, maybe I get 3 out of 3!

I watched Adam on a Wednesday, sitting on the ground and holding head up to see the big screen (we have an out-door movie festival going on here, sadly Adam is the only one I’ve watched as of this moment). I didn’t mind the uncomfortable sitting or my cramped neck – I enjoyed the movie.

Adam is about a young man who’s father dies, he has Asperger syndrome – which is in an autism spectrum, because of that he lacks the ability to communicate socially the way normal people are used to. He doesn’t look straight in the eyes of the people he’s talking to, he doesn’t understand sarcasm, he doesn’t get some jokes – he basically understands the world differently and hates lying. When a young woman moves into his building he starts a friendship with her, it becomes a relationship later on and you can literally see that Adam comes out of his shell a little.

The point of the movie to me was in the last sentence that was read – “Adam, his mother, and his father were a family of talking raccoons that lived in the middle of New York City. They didn’t really belong there, but there they were.” This really spoke to me in the sense of the movie – Adam was like that, he didn’t belong but there he was, adorable and thoughtful in a way nobody else could be. It wasn’t a love story in its core, at the surface, yes, but the hidden meaning was about Adam and his fight with himself – the broken side of Adam.

Hugh Dancy played Adam and I thought he did a fine job. It wasn’t a Forrest Gump or Rain Man worthy performance but I think he did his best. Rose Byrne played Beth, the woman Adam falls for (in a way he can fall) – and to be fair, I coulnd’t place her. I don’t know her! and that is weird because I should know her – I should hate her in a way too, because Beth leaves Adam in the end, but she managed to make herself so likeable that in the end I thought that they are both better off – I liked them both at the end and that is rare. I always hate the one who brakes the other ones heart! But apparently I can’t say that anymore – I don’t hate Rose. So in the end, it’s not another yadi-yada romantic movie, Adam is way better than that!


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