I was and still am a big fan of the Sex and the City series (planning a marathon right at this moment) and I enjoyed the first movie quite a lot. The second one, as proven by the box office and the critics, wasn’t as fun as I expected it to be. Sure, there were fun parts and Samantha broke the law but it all was a little bit blah.

Surely I didn’t hate it, it would be an overstatement to say that I disliked it – I had fun, it was time well spent but story wise it felt flat. What was it about? What was the point? To show that marriage is hard even for those who have everything they want (shoes, big ass closets, shoes, clothes that some women only dream about) – well, yeah, fine.. but it still looked like she was making it about her-her-her and her whining. Plus, I think I enjoyed single Carrie much much more – and I like Aiden (that 10 second kiss had more chemistry than Big and Carrie had the whole movie). So yeah, I felt like the story itself was about four women whining about everything that was wrong in their lives.. and me, who I don’t have that kind of a circle of friends and I’m not gonna even talk about the clothes! – it felt like “oh give me a brake!”. The only character in the movie who I was thrilled about, was Miranda – she was always the sinical one and look at her now – got fired and still happy as a clown! That’s my girl!!

Before I get to the biggest character (the clothes) I have to mention the stars that gave Sex and the City 2 some sparkle – Liza Minelli doing the Single Ladies was a treat (even though I was afraid of her having a heart attack or something), Penelope Cruz was there and Miley Cyrus also had her moment on the “red”carpet with Samantha. They were all in the first part of the movie and after that it all went down hill – clothes included!

At first, I was like, oh yeah, give me that, give me the fashion – I love it! Especially the Carrie wedding outfit, the crown!!, oh my god, fabulous! But the moment they stepped on that plane and flew to Abu Dabi I was disappointed – the clothes didn’t have the .. something was missing. Some outfits were good, but all together not so much. When they went to ride the camels it was four strikes in one shot (I added a picture of that) – I’m not a fashion expert, but I am an expert on things that look  good, and that just didn’t look good.. they looked blah (Carrie was okay but since it was a group, she didn’t fit in)

But on a bright side, I’m happy that Big didn’t bolt after Carrie told him about the kiss, I liked his punishment for her (very classy and dark) but I didn’t like the end in general. Lessons were learned but it took almost 2,5 hours and there wasn’t enough sex and there was too much city! That I think sums it up perfectly! I give it 3-, which is a decent school boy grade. I would give it 4 if Carrie will lend me her keys to her old apartment, because I love it! and some day I will live in one looking exactly like that – small but stylish, everything a single girl would want.

NB: I went crazy over board with the photos which actually shows me now the beauty of the movie that had passed my thoughts before – visually and color wise, this movie stands out. Here are some of the movie stills to brove that fact..


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