Despite the fact that I really wanted to see Inception this weekend I didn’t think it as a great idea. Since I’m still sick (I don’t think its a cold, its something much more evil than that!) I have these cough attacks that might last 10-20 minutes so I was afraid that it might set some people off in the audience if I start dieing or something – I would have to leave the cinema hall for a little while (yeah, I’m such a good person, thinking about others and their discomfort – oh well). Leaving in the middle of Inception wasn’t an option for me so I decided to see The Sorcerer’s Apprentice instead – skipping a movie I wasn’t that excited about wouldn’t be as bad. Well… I didn’t cough much and the only people in the audience were kids (I don’t think about them) so I didn’t have to leave in the middle of the movie – which in the end turned out to be good, I think.

Nicolas Cage’s last movie I saw was Kick-Ass which I didn’t appreciate much, but this one was better than the comic book based movie. Now he had magic powers that Merlin thought him! Oh well, the whole story was a bit fairytale but what else can you expect from Disney right? There was another decent role from Jay Baruchel – he has that geeky-funny look to himself, similar to Michael Cera – both who are showing Zac Efron that you don’t need to be hot to be cool. Geeks seem to get their power on (Glee is another good example of that).

Did I like the movie? Well, I didn’t get into it a lot but I enjoyed the humor and I needed a good laugh. Some magic tricks were pretty cool and it didn’t lack the special effects. It was also a typical Disney hero movie – do I have to say more? Probably not right, everybody who knows hero movies gets the hero movie concept. Sadly, this concept has lasted for years like romantic comedy concept – there is this typical story board tale and then they try to make it new by changing the names or so. Okay, it’s not that way exactly but it seems like it. Those who have seen the movie – what was up with the ring or I mean the way the hand was held to make the ring do something – Jay, really? That was bad, funny at first, but bad – in the end though – it was a little like Percy Jacksons moment – totally! Huh, I thought I had seen that before, the same stands the same good evil look – heroes do look alike.

It has a 6,3 average in IMDb but with little votes given – I’m giving it 3+ – not good, not bad – I still think that Inception would be ten times better but isn’t it great to wait and wait and then finally see it. Hoping it happens soon – also hoping that my cold gives up the task of torturing me, enough is enough, I get it, no more air-conditioner for me.

NB! Did you know that this isn’t the first movie called The Sorerer’s Apprentice, in 2002 the same movie/story was made in South-Africa.


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