In April there was a sad attempt made to rekindle the humor in Death At a Funeral (2007) as USA tried to do the same things only funnier? I don’t know if they wanted to make things funnier or not but sadly it became just a copy-cat movie – although what can you expect when the same screenplay is used (by Dean Craig).

The second version had some changes – the family in the middle of all that drama was a decent black family with different names. Nothing bad about that, I like Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence (and even Zoe Saldana) and I hadn’t seen them for a while. But since I finished watching the UK version just minutes before I put on the 2010 movie – I felt bored. Surely, you can’t be making a comedy movie with the exact same punch-lines!? I understand if the same situation is used but they just made it American, nothing else. They even didn’t find a different guy to play dad’s lover – Peter Dinklage played the same guy in both movies – he even had the same outfit as it seemed.

IMDb shows that UK’s version wins hands down with a 7.3 while the USA version is at 4.9 and not doing well. I understand that it is hard to write good comedy nowadays but remaking an UK movie isn’t a good idea – even if it is with a famous cast and all that. Anyway, if you haven’t seen this movie jet, I recommend UK’s version – it is basically the same but better.


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