One Thousand and One Night, 2010 – a Swedish documentary about an Iranian woman who has fled to Sweden to be a painter, a strong woman, a free woman, a feminist who decides to make a film about her own life. For 7 years she films her life and the main story-line will become her newly found love, ironically – with an Iranian man.

I liked the rawness of it (as most documentaries have) – the camera was shaky, unfocused, sloppy and some takes had bad lighting. This was just what I liked about it! Although the movie was about 7 years, it seemed a little short probably because of the editing which was well done. The main point came out fine – the love was portrayed something of a disease, something that you look for your entire life but when you find it and look back.. then you truly see what you have found.

La pacte du silence (The Oath of Silence), 2003 – In the center of this French movie is a set of twins – Gaella and Stella (played by Elodie Bouchez). When a preast /portrayed by Gerard Depardieu) finds out that Stella, who is suffering from a stomach aches at a Brazilian convent, has a identical sister he becomes interested in the phenomena of internal twins. This isn’t the main story though.

Everybody has a back story, the preast, the twins in particular. Gaella has spent the last 10 years in prison for killing a child and while a journalist wants his story about the souless killer he fallows them. And of course the preast falls in love with Gaella who he wants to take to Stella. But as the movie was about to end I was jet to find the meaning to it. In the end I thought the meaning will appear, it didn’t – it was just a big “oh” moment when the truth was revealed.  Shocking? Not so much but interesting?, yes. But was this as cool as the most famous French movie Amelie, not close. Which reminds me – I should see Amelie again – lovely idea.


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