While I’m suffering from a small case of tonsillitis in the middle of the summer, I have some extra time to spend between the safe four walls that hopefully help me get better soon. So I watched some movies, this isn’t a surprise but please wait, I watched them from my TV! This is something I haven’t done for a while since I have seen most of the movies that they show without the annoying commercials (some so annoying that they hurt more than my throat). But since I have been a little down with the energy I have enjoyed slouching on the coach and watching TV.

The commercials are some what a thinking brake for me and I remembered watching this cool fashion blog the other day and I really liked the idea of doing a post of pictures, just pictures. So I added three new categories to the blog: stills, poster and extra. First one is for scenes from movies that have visually stayed with me and the second one is for posters that are interesting, well thought of and better than most. I love the idea of doing picture posts in the future and I have started to collect some stills and posters. The last one, extra, is for other stuff like something I heard or saw in the movie and looked up and found some extra information. Like, I’m really interested in finding out the name of the author who made the paintings that were used in the house that was in the movie The Ghost Writer – anyone knows do let me know. And hope you’re as excited about those more visualposts as I am.


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