I finally got to see Remember Me with Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin and Pierce Brosnan. First of all, I recommend it but here are some of the reasons I liked the movie (don’t read them if you’re going to see the movie) and I have to admit, cried at the end.

Since the first Twilight movie scared me enough not to watch the others (jet) I was a bit scared about this movie. Not because Robert is a bad actor, on the contrary, he is really good and Twilight is the bad one in the relationship.  Robert Pattinson is actually a fine actor for his age and the  characters suit him like a glove, Remember Me was a proof of that. Robert played Tyler Hawkins, a man who lost his older brother (suicide) and is undecided about his life. He meets a girl, Ally (de Ravin) who off course he falls in love with (the feeling is mutual) but since he meets her due reasons she doesn’t like, they have a big fight. They make up but all that is destroyed in the end. The end was the key to my love towards this movie, the surprise I had when that plane hit that building was like: oh, so this is how they end it, why?? And I cried, who wouldn’t cry when Robert dies!

The side story was with Pierce Brosnan’s character, Chalres Hawkin – the father of Tyler and Caroline (Ruby Jerins). His relationship with his kids was bad and the death of his second son gave him the push to reconnect with Caroline, or at least the final final push because he actually came to his senses before Tyler died in 9/11. It seemed as the movie tried to reach the deeper level with 9/11 and death and everything like that all put together. Did they do a good job? Sure, in the end I thought about the movie a long time – something that is always good. Movie which makes you think about it after watching it, is a very good movie (depends how long you think about it too a little) – Remember Me, I remember you, don’t worry.

So there are three main reasons I like the movie and give it at least4 stars: Robert Pattinson (Edward not included), story-line (well written), the ending was surprising and I thought about it (plus cried – I don’t do that often).


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