So this is actually a request from a friend who I inflicted with the OTH bug many years ago. I have to admit, and I’m very sorry Mark, I haven’t watched One Tree Hill in a long time. It all started with the 5th season, I felt disconnected from the characters due to the big leap in time – and it made me miss the first season.

1-4 seasons were (and actually still are) my favorite – then came the 5th which I didn’t love any more, the 6th was painful and I haven’t even watched the 7th. All those who still are fans of the show, please tell me, what do you like about it, because I don’t see a reason to watch it. Payton and Lucas went away, Dan is STILL alive (and out of prison!), Nathan is cured (miracles happen to that man more than once) – it seems that the show is about dreams becoming true but at the same time the whole show seems now to be like a bad dream (nanny Carrie !!). And for a cruelty in the world of TV-shows, One Tree Hill in my opinion has survived far to long.

NB: There is a plan to do a short and a lot more positive post about this show, since I was a big fan during the beginning of the show and I got so much good out of it – so stay tuned.


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