Behind the well beloved band The Beatles was John Lennon and Nowhere Boy is a movie about his youth and the band that gave the jump start to the most popular and critically acclaimed rock band, The Quarrymen. So how can’t you like the movie that is directed by Sam Taylor-Wood who now is engaged to the lead actor Aaron Johnson. To my opinion, they both did good.

The movie had a good vibe, I felt like I was watching young John Lennon and Paul McCartney (who was portrayed by Thomas Sangster, the little cute boy Sam from Love Actually). The fact that it looked so real was the reason why I gave it 4 stars. Since I just watched The Runaways I can compare those two to each other.

The two movies are similar since they both portray the musicians that start phenomenal bands. But since The Beatles and John Lennon have more of that sophistication in music and lyrics the movie had a better vibe. This shows perfectly how the story behind the movie has a big impact on the way the movie ends up. And it also proves that I love the feeling of those old English movies. My taste a side, IMDb shows that the two movies are on the same platform, 6,9 to The Runaways and 7,0 to Nowhere Boy.

But in the end of the day, Nowhere Boy reminds me of those good based on real life movies that have passion behind every scene. (Like the moment when John’s mom got hit by the car – visual perfection). And when the movie makers and actors respect and honor the person they are portraying, you can actually imagine that the movie is real life.


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