With this movie I don’t know where to begin – I will say I liked it, did I love it .. not so much. I like Hugh Grant in this movie, like I like Hugh in every movie (except Did You Hear About the Morgans) and that made me like this movie. Jet again it was this typical romance movie where the lead characters meet, fall, get into a fight and get back together in the end. This is the most common story-line for romantic comedies and to be franc, I have had enough of it.

The story line a side, the third character was the music and how awesome was that. I like it when they objectify something to a character. They usually do it with the cities, like the Sex and the City show/movie(s) and The Devil Wears Prada. If you actually look closely, they do it with a lot of movies but since it’s double coded you don’t see it at first, you have to look deeper and really see it behind the scenes as you might even say. But Music and Lyrics makes theĀ  music well seen as a character, you don’t have to look deep to see that it is the songs that keep the movie on float. Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore help along with their effortless chemistry on screen to make the movie sweet.

I had written down 4 stars for this movie but then I corssed it out and but 3 instead. I don’t remember my exact thought behind that but I think it has something to do with the surprise element. Some movies have that, some don’t and since I saw it for the third time, I was quite bored – it’s one of those “see it twice but the leave it behind” movies.


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