Three years ago today I wrote my first words that would represent the beginning for this blog:

Hi, my name is Mettel Ray and I’m an [movie] addict.

Today these words have pretty much the same meaning as they did a whopping three years ago. Alright, whopping might not seem the correct term for a number that is not that big but then again, it is huge for me! Three years ago today, when I decided to start a movie blog, I made a commitment to myself that I have managed to keep: I’m running a blog that is still active and constantly growing (and forever changing). Yes, I have had months where I haven’t written a single post or only managed to review just one movie but I came through and kept going. Much like the philosophical words of Dory from Finding Nemo, I said to myself “Just keep blogging” and here I am, three years have passed and I couldn’t be happier!

A lot of that happiness is because of YOU and that is why I want to emphasize the fact that this blog would have not survived without YOU visiting, giving feedback and leaving comments! But not only have YOU inspired Mettel Ray Movie Blog to survive, YOU have also helped me, the blogger, to grow as a writer, a critic and in a way, as a person. Thank YOU for coming here and thank YOU for staying! Now, let us cheer together:

Hip-hip-hip-hurray, Mettel Ray Movie Blog!


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