This was the last comedy of my comedy-marathon and how glad was I that I watched this the last. This one saved comedy for me, in my opinion and not because Jim Carrey is funny but because the STORY was funny! And the fact that it was based on real life made it even more funnier and unbelievably surprising.

I had already read wiki’s short bio on Steven Jay Russell so I knew something but I had forgot about the ending and that ladies and gentlemen was the surprising ending I have been talking about! I’m not gonna ruin it for you cause this is the only comedy out of 4 I recommend and I don’t want to give away much so I’ll just give a short summary of the movie.

It’s about this conman Steven Russell who gets into an accident and decides to come out of the closet: “I’m gay – gay,gay, gay, gay, gay!” he says and leaves his wife and kids to live the big shiny gay life! The story is interesting since the storyline is a little messed up and they don’t give everything away at first, so that is why I kind of liked it – it wasn’t predictable. And don’t even get me started on Jim Carreys performance because this was probably his best performance in years – thanks to the character (thanks to the real conman Steven Russel!). And who is Phillip Morris, why he is the sweet blond played by Ewan McGregor who Steven falls for.

I recommend to watch the movie and not read the wiki summary of  Steven Russells life cause this would give away so much about the movie (since I read it a while back I dind’t remember it, but if you do it before watching the movie you’re gonna ruin it for you): cause I give it 4,5 stars out of 5 and you should see that movie… real-life seems much more interesting and funnier after that.


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