With all my seriousness I am going to post my first review this April, and no Fool-day’s jokes from my part – not amused by this day at all. But that aside, I watched the fourth installment of Ethan Hunt’s mission which happened to be yet again impossible. I was a bit cautious with this one because I had heard good things, IMDb revealed it to be the best MI so far but I was warned that the last 5 minutes will ruin the entire movie: a lot of pre-information to go on but to be honest, all three arguments were kind of right.

The basic plot fell on the nuclear war codes that a bad guy had stolen and now Ethan and his team of experts (Renner, Pegg and Paula Patton) had to get them back. Only that there was no IMF anymore and they had to do it all by themselves. The movie had several plans, none of them seemed to fall through like planned but like a typical American hero story – happy ending must be extra happy! Meaning that the 5 min warning was actually very right and I should have skipped it, they made it too over the top.

Anyway, the movie had some awesome action sequences before they decided to go with the happy ending. One of them was Ethan running on the side of a building, the other was the sand-storm scene which was refreshing and awesome at the same time and the last one belongs to Renner and his air-tunnel ? scene were he cannon-balled himself! So yes, action was great and realistic while being visually amazing, would have been great to see it in the cinema for that surround-system-audio-effect as well. Writing, dialogs and the monologues were not appealing for my taste but maybe it was because both writers happen to have a lot of experience writing TV-shows and MI 4: Ghost Protocol was their first movie. The men are André Nemec and Josh Appelbaum who might be familiar as the writers for Alias and creators/writers for October Road. The script wasn’t the key excitement in this, although couple of jokes (from the funny British guy) made it a bit better but in a general sense I found it a bit off. Surprisingly, the director was basically a newcomer as well, it was his first feature film! Previously he has directed only animated movies such as The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille.

Considering the facts, MI 4 was quite the movie in its behind the camera list and I can’t help to wonder that the success will lead to the fifth movie as well. A little bit of research and it looks like it: in this case the leading role might go on to Jeremy Renner. Who knows, it might even work but Jeremy Renner is already the NEW lead in the Jason Bourne series: wouldn’t that be .. weird? And what is going on, is he the stand-in for all the action-hero-agents now?  Because it sure seems so!

PS: Tom Cruise looked taller in this movie.


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