When the number of the year changes, there are also couple of new things happening on TV. For instance Shameless returned for its second season which I will be discussing after the last 3 episodes air and of course couple of new additions. By coincidence the new addition also happens to be Showtime’s series House of Lies starring Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell, Ben Schwartz and Josh Lawson.

The show is about marketing consultants and it is a pretty fast storyline with some of the Woody Allen Annie Hall moments from Cheadle. Most of the time the story evolves so fast (regarding marketing) that I don’t get it but on the other hand there is a lot of sex and cheating and sex in this series – and I don’t even get that! During couple of last episodes I have had the feeling of “what-the-hell-is-going-on!?” hovering on top of me. It has just become so ridiculous just like Weeds went over board at some point. But House of Lies has already gone over in the beginning of the first season – maybe it will work maybe I will get tired of it, I am not sure. I will probably watch the first season but I am not sure about the second season at the moment.

Although I like Kristen Bell a lot, she might not be the reason why I stay with this series. Of course it is quick and funny and the two fresh faces Ben Schwartz and Josh Lawson have their moments of wit in almost every episode but I can’t see the show being awesome. The reason like I said is the constant feeling of not getting the reasoning from the characters – okay, they cheat and have sex and get naked in the bathroom – where do these people come from? Are all marketing consultants that crazy? No idea, seems unreal and that is what I get from House of Lies.

Despite the crazy moments there are some serious stories coming ahead and I am excited about them. There is also the son of Cheadel’s character who is gay and nobody seems to mind – which is awesome. He is very fun to watch, all his girlish ways and then the clothes – priceless. The other great thing like I already said is actually happening between the characters who are portrayed by Schwartz and Lawson. They have these supporting roles that sometimes steal the spotlight because they are so much fun and totally carefree – very enjoyable chemistry.

In conclusion, I have some positive feelings but also some negative ones but I will be more sure about where the show is going to go by the end of the first season. We will see. At the moment, I watch it and I keep questioning it.


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