Since The Hunger Games is coming up soon and since I went into a fangirl mode after I read the books, I decided to watch some of the movies featuring the cast. Just to do some background work and Josh Hutcherson was the first victim. He is maybe best known from the movies like Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) or The Kids Are All Right (2010). I had also heard of Bridge to Tarabithia, back when I was working in the video-store, I constantly saw the cover of the DVD and I thought to watch it but it happened just a month ago. Yes, I am that behind.

Bridge to Tarabithia is originally a book by a woman who’s son made this movie – so it is made with the utmost care. Reading the background I got a bit sad, it is a sad movie as well. I liked it in a way that it is a very great kids movie about friendship and imagination. All together with some laughs and some cries, I would definitely consider this as last decades My Girl movie. God, both are extremely sad children movies, the latter has a lower score in IMDb though – in case you were wondering.

Next to Hutcherson, AnnaSophia Robb and Zooey Deschanel are also in this movie. Hutcherson portrays a boy, Jess, who comes from a big and not so wealthy family, where he has to manage with his older sisters and his younger sister May Belle who is a big fan of Jess. Then a new girl (Robb) moves in next door, rich family, an only child – and they start to hang out in Tarabithia which is the imaginary world that they share with each other. A very cute relationship develops and almost turns into something extra special although Jess actually thinks he has a crush on his teacher portrayed by Deschanel.

I am not gonna give away the ending but if you have been paying attention you probably know what is going to happen. Anyway, though I am no child I thought it was a cute movie and the imagination part of the movie really brought me back to my childhood. Oh, the better times…


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