I have been rather offline lately, today I feel like blogging a lot so I think I am gonna write a lot of drafts and post them in the near future because I really need to keep it up – if anyone is even reading this.

Anyway, this was my third 3D experience in the cinema and just as I thought – I hated it as much as I hated the first two. And now I was even more disappointed because it was a pretty bad movie about the end of the world due to the aliens who came to Earth – how original.

Here is the story in some what not so detailed descriptions because I saw it last year, therefore I am not sure if I remember it as well. And do be honest, I don’t want to remember it at all. Emilie Hirsch starred in this movie which was a surprise – I hadn’t seen him for a while and now he came back to my life with this weird movie. Here we go, a party in Russia, literally, it was all in Russia and those electrical creatures from outer space came and made everybody into ash like there was no tomorrow. And for most of the people the first evening was death but of course a group of people survived because it would be awkward if the movie had no characters. Anyway, they almost all died in the end – two main characters survived but not before the girl swam to the opposite shore and ended up 20 min away from the guy she loved – by that time I didn’t expect any logic so I wasn’t too mad – I just laughed.

This would be the only thing I have to say about this movie. I didn’t find it a bit entertaining, scary or interesting – far from logical. I was surprised to see Emile Hirsch in this one, I thought he was a rather decent actor but I guess I was wrong. People make mistakes, this movie was his. I’m not gonna rate this one, I am angry at myself that I wasted money on this one – but there was nothing else in the cinema and I needed to have my cinema fix. But it’s no excuse, you should never waste money on something like this!


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