I am very aware of the fact that this post is very-very behind and probably dated but I wanted to do this post because I thought the last season of Dexter was an interesting experience.

First of all, the beginning of the season was a bit shaky for me. I remember thinking that Dexter is running out of the wow-factor for me. Although Colin Hanks, who was the villain this season, gave a performance that was at its best, but it had nothing on John Litghow’s guest appearance during season 4. Pretty hard to beat that.

Second thing I noticed was the fact how Debra was falling apart. I liked her in the beginning because she was raw and refreshing but this season I felt disconnected. Maybe it was due to the fact that she got promoted – it took away the real Debra. Luckily, the writers gave me a new character to like, a man of god played by Mos Def. In some ways he saved Dexter this season, in some ways he was guiding him and he did not only satisfy my need to see a great good character but he also was like a brother to Dexter.

Last thing were the final episodes where everything was unraveling and then the ending! Oh my, that saved it all for me, because it was a shock and I did not expect it at all! As it has a huge impact on Dexter and the show in general I would say it was a bold move. Now it depends where they will take it, how they keep going with season 7 because this is the breaking-point! So in the final moments the 6th season was saved, also as the moment where the truth about Dexter was revealed to Debra the words “Oh, God!” Dexter said still linger in my mind because they were just the right end to this religion-themed season.

These were my thoughts about Dexter’s 6th season, let me know what to you think Debra will do with the news of her brother being the serial-killer we have had the pleasure to enjoy for these past six seasons. And of course the creepy ex-intern who sent Dexter that hand – will he be the villain of season 7?


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