Saw this like a million years ago. Okay, not that long ago but it was definitely last year and not near the end so I am surprised that I even remember my thoughts about this movie. Killing Bono is based on an autobiography written by Neil McCormick who happens to be a music critic. Before his profession as a journalist he tried to become a musician and Killing Bono is a movie about that, with Ben Barnes as the lead.

Basic story follows this band who happens to come from the same town U2 originated. The last is also like the biggest motivation and symbolically the villain for the main characters. McCormick tries to outshinie them, he even keeps his brother, played by Robert Sheenan, away from U2 to “save” him or something like that. While the whole story is pretty interesting and intrigues from the start to the end (especially in the end) I remember thinking that it was too long. The plot itself is simple, in a sense of the point of it all but Killing Bono runs so long and slow-based that I got a bit bored in the middle. IMDb gives it 6,1 points which is pretty accurate because it isn’t average and just a little better. What I did enjoy very much was the chemistry between Barnes and Sheenan – they were absolutely lovely.

I did have an opportunity to see this during PÖFF but I am glad I didn’t because I probably would have been very tired after it. It is a demanding movie, lots of dialog and of course music has its place in this but nothing beats Barnes’ performance as a suffering artist.

★★ and a half



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