I was looking at my “coming up” list and discovered something I was not supposed to discover – that I am way behind with all of my posting! Seriously, I have been sitting at home watching movies and shows and I have not been writing this blog like I should. Totally unprofessional of me. I am sorry, for those who even read my blog regularly – I have a feeling that there are not many of you but still – my deepest apologies.

As I am behind I decided to do sort of an 5in1 post as I have watched a lot of TV-shows these past months (new and old) that I have not mentioned yet. Three of them were on my “coming up” list and two are just additions that I discovered just a while ago. Anyway, it would be like a short list and a synopsis type of thing, maybe even like a recommendation thing if you are thinking about watching something new and have not seen these yet. PS: The rating system is like always, 5 is the highest. Here we go:

American Horror Story (2011-) ★★★

This was a new addition to the screens this last fall-season, it also received two Golden Globe nominations one of which Jessica Lange took home. It was created by two guys who I would think most of you already know, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, men behind Glee and Nip/Tuck. Heads up, the story featured in the first season ends with the first season – meaning the show is built up like a one-season-story with new characters, places, cities etc every season. The first season had some pretty cool moments though it is a bit on the twisted side as far as TV-shows go. Because if you have ghosts, latex costumes and devil-babies on a show you have a pretty not so light TV-show.

One thing I have to say about the American Horror Story is that it is so far from Glee and Nip/Tuck that I keep thinking when would these guys find their “special thing”. They keep going from one style to another and instead of doing something really amazingly they switch their m.o. Just a thought. Out of the three Murphy and Falchuk have done, American Horror Story is my favorite at the moment but to them, first season success is not the stepping stone, its keeping the show going that is their biggest challenge.

Dead Like Me (2003-2004) ★★

This is the find from the past I was pretty excited about. The first season was interesting but I have not finished the second one yet. I find it on the light comedy side, not really a laughing out loud stuff (some of it is) but more of an educational sarcastic TV-show for teenagers and young adults. Behind the show is Bryan Fuller who after this made Pushing Dasies – another one of his shows that did not last longer than 2 seasons. The story is about a girl who dies and then is “hired” as a grim reaper but she still has to keep a regular job. Add new co-workers in both professions and a slightly broken family and you got yourself Dead Like Me.

To be honest, I do find the second season so far not as interesting as the first one cause he does not seem to give us much new to look at – always the same problems with some variations. Dead Like Me first season was great though, the main character reminded me of Juno a lot, this sarcastic teenager who hates life. Making this a very nice entertainment for a Friday night.

Falling Skies (2011-) ★★★

So this was actually a TV-show for the summer-season and apparently I missed it while I was doing nothing this summer. Which was bad cause I could have used the alien entertainment the Falling Skies offered. Like I said, Falling Skies is about aliens that have come to Earth and basically already destroyed a lot of the cities and killed people etc. Creator of this how is Robert Rodat who for instance wrote Saving Private Ryan.

While the first season had a pretty weird ending to it, a kind of finale that you can not really imagine going on but I am excited to see what is going to happen anyway – so that is a good sign. Does it portray a realistic alien-invasion? I would say it is as realistic as it would be although for a true hero-story realism is not the first priority. I do like the set design a lot, cause it is post-invasion and it really looks like the world has crumbled down.

Homeland (2011-) ★★★★★

So this was a show I discovered after the Golden Globes cause not only did the leading lady Claire Danes take home the golden statue (her third!) the show was also named the Best Drama Series. I was on it like a fly on honey, or some other metaphor that would be a little better in this situation, and watched it from the pilot to the finale with chills all over. What makes Homeland good is the contradiction it lays on the table – that not everything is black and white in the terrorism-world. I do want to add that this show has a knack for giving you a plot and then twisting it one and then the other way all through the first season.The show is about a young agent who thinks a returned marine is a terrorist – any other things I could say would be spoiling the experience.

But I would add that the other leading role played by a British man Damien Lewis deserved the Golden Globe as well but it went to another Brit who I will be introducing with the next show. Anyway, out of these five, Homeland would be my favorite – I just can not wait for the new season to begin and blow me away!

Luther (2010-) ★★★★

My British find was pushed in front of me by my friend which was a great suggestion because the main actor Idris Elba went on to win the Golden Globe for his portrayal of Luther. Which is a show about a detective who is not afraid to show his emotions which tend to be unprofessional at times. He has a temper and personal life issues that keep messing with his life in general. The story is made a little more intriguing by a killer vixen who is obsessed with Luther and who he does not seem to reject totally.

It is darkly interesting and dark is just what describes it the best, even though there are moments when it is slightly lighter. But it is a perfect example of a British TV-show – dark, mysterious, intriguing and haunting. Looking forward to catching up with its second season soon enough.


So this is it guys, these are the shows I have been watching and mainly enjoying, and looking at this list (which is missing couple of the mini-series and a lot of movies) I am thinking that I should really get a life outside my room. But until then – I will keep posting!


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