The Descendants wins the Best Motion Picture and George Clooney gets the Best Actor (Drama)

So it is over, another year of movies has sort of passed (since the awards usually reflect the end) and the Globes are given to the best of the best. Like I said, George Clooney had a great year and it is proven by the fact that he took home the Best Motion Picture for the Descendants and the Best Actor! I had a feeling about that or was it just my respect for Clooney that created that feeling, but either way I am thrilled for him. The same non-surprise moment was The Artist winning the Best Motion Picture and Best Actor in the Musical or Comedy category and it is on its way to the Oscars for sure. Best Actress awards in the ladies category went to Meryl Streep for The Iron Lady (Drama) and Michelle Williams for My Week with Marilyn (Comedy). Last was probably the best choice out of all but since I have not seen all the movies yet I can not really tell. Just heard that it was good from various sources. The Best Director went to no other than Martin Scorsese for Hugo – I sort of mentioned that as well as you can remember but it is interesting that although the Best Director went to Scorsese The Descendants is probably better. Honestly, for me it looks like politics – I mean, all the great names got something, even Woody Allen got his Best Screenplay with the Midnight in Paris. I have to look up how many Best Motion Pictures get the Best Director, there should be some great statistics there – but it is probably a way to give all the great movies at least one great award in case there are big names and big movies –¬† I am rambling now so I will stop.

Best Foreign Film - A Separation

I am very happy that I have seen the Best Foreign Film Golden Globe winner which of course is A Separation. There was probably no doubt, it had very amazing reviews and people have been talking about it a lot so it was just a matter of documenting it with an award. There was also the Best Score category where the winner was The Artist – which is logical cause a great movie without any talking will have a soundtrack that holds it together.

But since Golden Globes also are a lot about the TV-shows I want to focus on them as well. (Personally I think I know this category the best cause I have seen more and am more likely to comment.) Best Television Series is Homeland – ironically I have not seen it and I was certain that American Horror Story would win for its innovative¬† approach but I guess war is a subject which can not be over turned at award shows. Interesting enough, IMDb reflects the result by giving Homeland 8,7 and AHS 8,5 but in that case Game of Thrones should have won by a long shot – a score over 9 is something out of this world! Just proves that not all can be brought down to numbers.¬† Anyhow, Best Television Series (Comedy) is Modern Family which I have to admit, I am not a big fan of – I guess I am not as mainstream as I thought but no big deal. Best Mini-Series is Downton Abbey which I like very much indeed. Interesting enough, Claire Danes takes the Globe for Best Performance in Homeland and Matt LeBlanc does the same in the Comedy category. Last is by far the biggest surprise for me cause I was putting my money on Galecki or Baldwin but I guess LeBlanc finally got what he deserved back when he was portraying Joey (in Friends and in Joey) – I bet he can look in the mirror and answer to his own question “How you doin’?” with a great big smile! My big smile goes to Idris Elba for Best Performance in a Mini-Series/Motion Picture for TV category as well as the same for Kate Winslet for Mildred Pierce – both amazing characters and no doubt worthy of the Globe. And to end with a happy note, American Horror Story did get an award and it went for Best Performance in a Supporting Role and Jessica Lange took that out of everybody’s hand – well done! Hope we see her the next season as well!

So, although my favorites did not manage to take home some gold, for instance New Girl – I am still pretty content with the winners. Most happy about Clooney of course and a little thrilled about The Artist now cause it will probably make history with the Oscars winning it for a silent film after 70 years – and that will be a political statement for sure! So, while hoping that the Academy Award will show that simplicity is sometimes the best choice, I look forward to the next BIG award show next month while I meantime try to watch all the winners – thank god for my long school-brake!


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