So I wanted to do this trailer post cause I’m now really excited about this movie. I started to read the book yesterday before I went to bed and basically finished in the morning and it was just the nicest read over a long long time. Anyway, the movie has two main characters, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). They take part in the hunger games in this alternative world where there are 12.regions of which all of them a boy and a girl is sent to these games where only one survives once a year.

Just so you’d know, as you haven’t read the books, there is much to look forward with the movie cause now after I have read the book I know that the trailer doesn’t give up the entire thing which is a refreshing – usually they like to put everything on the table right away. I was a bit doubtful about the casting when I began reading (I like to imagine them as they are in the movies – sometimes) but then it all made so much sense and even though I am a bit shaky with Lawrence I am 100% sure with Hutcerson. The screenplay is written by the book’s author herself, Suzanne Collins (which is brilliant) and it is directed by Gary Ross. To be released on March 23rd – and let me just say that can’t wait!

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