This is definitely one of the Academy Award movies since it already has been nominated for four Golden Globes (Best Drama Movie, Best Actor, Best Supporting Role, Best Screenplay) and usually those big nominations end up getting some Oscars as well. I watched Moneyball before I heard about the nominations (though I had my share of suspicions that this Pitt’s movie is up for some awards) and although most of the baseball terms were a complete mystery to me I thought it was enjoyable.

This movie is based on a novel that tells a story about true events (book with the same name is written by Michael Lewis) and it went through big problems before the filming started. Considering that Brad Pitt was with the project since 2007 I found it interesting that the movie took so long. Apparently there were other drafts, other directors until The Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin step into this project and Bennett Miller was set to direct. Here is another interesting fact, the cinematography is done by Wally Pfister who is behind Nolan’s movies (including The Dark Knight and Inception).

Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill

Now on to the movie – Billy Beane is the general manager of a baseball team that has not done very well, Oakland Athletics. He is described by wanting to make changes and not being afraid to be radical with his decisions – he hires Peter Brand (the only made-up character who is mostly based on Paul DePodesta), played by Jonah Hill, to bring in the new style of buying the players. They buy a players that are mathematically right for the job, like Scott Hatteberg (Chris Pratt) who ends up being the hero – I really liked his storyline and Pratt is likeable as an actor as well. So basically they hire men who aren’t as appealing to other teams cause they aren’t perfect. At least that was as much as I understood – focus while watching this movie has to be on its best, getting all the names, understanding the buying and following the action behind the game is very important. Surely, it has a brilliant screenplay in that sense – smart, quick, witty at times. Now to think of it, it reminds me of The Social Network when it comes down to the screenplay which leeds to shows that Sorkin has a certain style to his writing.

Brad Pitt and Chris Pratt

Movie looks visually interesting as well, there are scenes of the real games? or at least it seems like that (even if they aren’t – cause I am not 100% sure of this fact). Performances by the actors is of course brilliant: there is no doubt that Pitt knows how to act, Hill surprises due to his acting past and Hoffman is yet again at his high because he knows nothing else. There is not much else to tell about the movie because it is really a must-see from my behalf and even the ending itself is just thrilling. I love those sports stories based on real life that really show the strength of the underdogs.

  • So 4,5 out of 5 for the underdogs and good luck to Pitt in his hunt for his first Oscar!


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