I had some spare time in my not so busy life to watch some of the newest movies. Kick Ass was the first comedy that I watched cause somebody suggested it to me. Well, the suggestion was valid but the movie was not my 5 star action-comedy-superhero movie I prefer. (I still think Spiderman is the best, or maybe it’s my (L) for James Franco.)

It was all good and I even thought, there it is, a great movie! But then, Hitgirl appeared and the magical superhero powers that were supposed to be human.. (well not magic but she was 11!) and it all went down hill from there. I’m trying to remember my favorite part in the movie, but since I have watched so many new movies in these couple of days, I can’t even remember Kick Ass.

I think the movie could’ve used a better script, the idea of a normal human superhero is actually cool and can be awesome. A 11 year old being pushed to kill people by his father (Nicolas Cage, I’m sorry, I don’t really like you anymore) who is dressed like a bad version of a batman.. was bad. Big Daddy? Seriously.. I wouldn’t let my daughter call her father Big Daddy.. that just sounds wrong in so many ways.

And the main character, Kick Ass.. he had some cool friends and I liked them more than the main characters, cause they weren’t over written. So basically I give it 2 stars for the story and 0,5 stars for an effort.. But judding it is hard, because I watched some other comedies this week and they all seemed better than this but not good enough, so Kick Ass lost some stars because of She’s Out of My League, Hot Tub Time Machine and I Love You Phillip MorrisĀ  (writing something about them later this evening or tomorrow.)

And now I’m actually re-watshing Spiderman’s first movie because Kick Ass left me wanting some real superhero to kick some real bad-ass ass! Stay tuned !


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