It has been over two weeks since my last post and I feel quite bad about it but nothing to do about it now. I am back, for the last day of 2011 to give you some Extra special posts – first one will be a short summary of this years’ statistics and my own thoughts. The second one will capture my top 7 movies of 2011! I am already excited about the second one but time to talk stats.

The year started with 1,259 views and ended with a high in November, with 8,121 views – best month so far. That is quite the climb and I am determined to bring in bigger numbers next year but as far as this year goes – I can’t be happier!

The last image describes the growth of my entire blog the best – from the mid 2010 until December 2011 it has gone up and what is most important, has stayed there! Although it seems that the Holidays were very family oriented and the views went a bit down compared to November. But that being said, I didn’t do much of writing in December so I am not very bummed about it.

What ended up as a disappointment this year, is the day with the highest views which still stayed in 2010. Some how I am going to change that next year, it is definitely a task in my 2012 plan for MR. Movie-Blog.

Here is an image that shows most popular search engine results in 2011 – people apparently miss Prison Break but when it comes to most viewed posts this year, the picture looks a little bit different.

With the home page being the clear winner with almost 9,500 views, Supernatural is the over-all post winner, Prison Break coming second and The Vampire Diaries the clear third. Interesting enough, the Supernatural post is written in 2010, so among the posts written this year, Prison Break still wins.

So this was Mettel Ray Movie Blog year 2011 – the first full year in its history. A great “first” year I might add (at least for me) although I am a bit angry at myself for not writing as much as I had hoped for. Surely this will change, I do have a lot of posts planned since I have spent days after days watching movies and TV-shows that are just waiting for me to write about them. Just to bring in more views and better statistics in 2012 (better be a good one, 12 is my favorite number!) – see you next year!


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