As my PÖFF experience came to an end (in Tallinn at least) I decided to keep the movies going with a romance movie One Day, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. As far as romantic dramas go, One Day definitely is among the better ones together with the author of the book writing the screenplay (David Nicholls) and director Lone Scherfig (An Education).

Movie started with Emma (Hathaway) and Dexter (Sturgess) graduating college, after simply just sleeping next to each other they decide to spend the next day together – 15th of July becomes their day. Movie continues with the time constantly jumping from year to year, showing Emma living a lie, Dexter throwing away his life and their chemistry which never ends. Since the whole story expands to 20 years, it is logical that they have problems and they even get into a fights with each other. In the very end though, it is difficult to understand their reasoning  behind those fights, being so childish at times and throwing their life away to pointless people: it feels like they wasted their lives on things that were not worth their time (with some exceptions).

But I guess this is the point of the movie, to show how some things have to wait and things take time and nothing really happens right away. It is just a really sweet realistic romantic movie (I kept smiling in the beginning) with a sad ending. Besides, I really like Jim Sturgess for some reason, he looks sad and vulnerable and I just want to give him a hug! Anna Hathaway seemed British, probably due to her accent (I’m no expert but it sounded solid), which didn’t bother me and she is pretty and also timeless – all those 90’s style accessories suited her and she sold those sunglasses like a boss (where can I get those?).

All in all, I know I am going to watch this movie on a Friday night when I need to cry over my sad-sad life cause I am going to be home alone, and crying while being alone is just the right thing to do.

PS: Although I am slowly going to change my style of writing in this blog (in addition to the movies I focus on) I still want to keep the scoring system going. So, 4 out of 5 for this lovely movie and maybe one day I will look back to this post being the new beginning for Mettel Ray Movie Blog.


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