So as the final festival day has arrived I am thrilled to have a list of articles that I have to write. Most of them reviews but one or two in focus ones that need much more work than I am used to. A challenge for myself that I am proud to take on and succeed in it as well.

Yesterday I saw two movies, one in the festival program called Wuthering Heights (2011) by Adrea Arnold (UK) which I half liked and half disliked. I don’t want to use the word hate about the second half but the excitement of the first part kind of slowed down after the second half begun and confused me as a viewer. The second movie Involuntary (Sweden) I watched as a background research for today’s movie, Play by the same director.

As today is starting off a bit slow for me, and I have a lot to write about, I feel like I have to open up my fingers (and mind) in order to start putting together an article that is better than the previous ones. Which reminds me, you can read the articles at But my specific article about Martha Marcy May Marlene is here and my funny (hopefully) editorial is here. And yes, I encourage you to click them and read them although they are completely different from the type of things I write here. But that is the point, to try to write as many different articles and do them in different ways – cause that makes you a better writer. So enjoy, and I’ll recap about the 5th day tomorrow and maybe a short summary of the NISI MASA: TALLINN workshop as well.

PS: I am also probably taking part in Viljandi PÖFF, since my pass is valid there as well, so a lot more about PÖFF might end up in this blog.


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