As day two ends I have seen two new movies: Finnish road-trip movie August (2011) (Elokuu) and American indie film, with much talk surrounding it, Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011). I don’t know if it was pure coincidence or bad luck, but I hated the first one and liked the last.

The last movie actually left with me in great sadness and I was feeling like I have to get it all out. I wrote something as well, I’m not gonna publish at the moment but I have my first review out! Check it out! Really happy about that one, maybe not the review but the idea of being published.

All in all, the second day was a success in my eyes and I can’t wait for the workshop to continue. At the moment we are having a meeting and this is why my post is so short but I wanted to make posts each day so therefore I am writing this. Tomorrow, maybe, I have more time to write more about PÖFF and its program which is definitely amazing. Sadly I can’t see all the movies I wanted to see but I’m sure I’ll have time during December when I have no school. Let the movie marathon start with PÖFF!


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