Since I only seem to post trailers about movies I think are going to be good I thought I do one that is a complete opposite to that. This might be because I’m pretty tired and very negative at the moment so here it goes.

Answers to Nothing seems like a movie that will define its title – it will give you no answers. Although faces that belong to Elizabeth Mitchell and Julie Benz (Rita from Dexter) are familiar they aren’t as good as an actress should be. What will make this movie a torture experience is probably the performance by Dane Cook who seems to be stepping away from the comedy into a drama: filled with crying and cheating? I never thought Cook was a great actor, he was and hopefully still is, a decent comedian and since his previous movies were comedies I didn’t really care for his lack of acting skills. Now, even the trailer shows how bad of an actor he is and I recommend not to see this movie  if you are thinking about making your Friday more interesting. Just to be sure, check out the trailer (and if you for some reason still want to see Dane Cook trying to give a believable sad expression – the movie comes out on December the 2nd – straight to DVD?).


  • #1. It comes out on Dec 2nd as a limited release. NOT straight to DVD!!!
    #2. Stick to movies you have actually seen. Since you are so wrong about this one.
    #3. Negative is NEVER a way to go.

    Having seen this movie at the Napa Film Festival. I think I know more them you. It is a nicely put together story with great performances from ALL the actors. Including Dane Cook! I think you should really see this movie to actually know how wrong your are.

    • Oh for crying out loud. I write one negative Trailer special and I get this kind of a comment. This just shows that only bad things get comments cause I have been writing this blog for over a year and when I say good things, nobody answers to me. So who’s to say negative is no way to go? I got you to comment, didn’t I?
      Besides, taste is different, if you say it is good, fine. I can’t please everybody. But trusting IMDb ( this is no diamond in the rough.

      • Actually after looking at your blog, I can see why you don’t get any comments. You really have nothing to say about anything. You are just someone that thinks they are important. The only reason I even LOOKED at your blog was because you wrote about “Answers To Nothing”. Trust me. I won’t be paying any attention to you blog after this.

        You seriously need help if this is what you do with your spare time. Look for a Hobby!

  • Oh, nice come-back – you really got me there. Boo-hoo!
    I have something to say and at least I’m not going around in the net slamming other people’s work based on the fact that they are set out to search for something serious. My blog has a different target group, you not being among that group!

    And you have no idea about my time, spare time or my life – so who are you to say I have to look for a hobby!

    PS: Lovely to meet you, hope to see you again, cause I really like this negative slamming thing – means I am achieving the state of a real blog (which has haters and lovers!) xoxo

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