Before the All-Star season begins, Project Runway chose its ninth winner, who happened to be one of my favorites from the beginning: Anya Ayoung-Chee. She was the beautiful person who learned how to sew just three months prior to the competition – something that in the end started to become unfair to some people in the competition. Yes, her clothes were more easily constructed but for me it actually was a positive note, nowadays clothes have become a show – she went back to basics. Being from Trinidad, she was inspired by prints and the style from her  country. Her clothes fell very easy to the body, some were of course not as commercial as one could need but I still remember how the boring-commercial-old-ladies-clothes-maker won the competition last year. Am I okay with this winner, yes – would I liked Anthony Ryan Auld to be the winner instead, probably but the judges didn’t like his style as much as I enjoyed some of his work.

Anya also won the fan-favorite although Anthony Ryan was so close he could almost touch the money, which he did, since Anya donated half of her fan-winnings to his charity. Made me like her even more. Another contestants didn’t really apply for fan-favorite but Joshua McKinley and Viktor Luna also stood out and they made it until the end.

Commenting reality-TV is difficult cause they are real people but I think this season was funnier than others have been but the level of design has been going down ever since Christian Siriano – winner of the fourth season. I still remember his haute couture dress with the commercial outfit – and his final runway – perfection. No wonder he is the most successful winner so far cause he is the only one I have heard of after winning the competition.

I have been watching Project Runway for a long time and this season was definitely better than last (due to the choice of the winner) but what is more exciting about this season is the fact that it is over and now – All Stars comes next. Season 8th Mondo Guerra is back (those who don’t and want to know – google) and this time – he better win, Nina!


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